The success of an e-commerce website doesn’t depend on the quality of products, but how the site is designed and promoted. There are specific features that can help an e-commerce website be more accessible and user-friendly to customers and easier to manage from the perspective of business owners. But, how can you be certain your e-commerce website(s) is complete with all the latest key features that customers expect to see the second they arrive on your website? Lucky for you, we’ve created this short, but insightful article to make sure your business site has everything it needs to be successful.

Persuasive Call-to-Actions

Little details in the way your e-commerce is designed can have a bigger impact on your sales than you might think. Creating a call-to-action is one thing but crafting a call-to-action that converts visitors is a whole other ballgame. Without a compelling call-to-action, visitors might become unsure of what they are expected to do.


Contact Information

This one might seem obvious, but it is one of the most important features that need to be included on an e-commerce website. Buyers need to be able to communicate with a business in case there are issues or questions. Providing them with a means of contact isn’t just a great way of optimising your customer service but also ensures that you are meeting the needs of your customers. 

Product Updates and News

Are you releasing a new product or updating an existing one? Maybe you have a best seller that you wish to push further? Customers are going to want to know about it. Drawing attention to these products is better than letting your visitors find them while they are navigating around your e-commerce website. 

Product Reviews

Reviews from customers can boost the appearance of a particular product, especially as opinions from unbiased sources are deemed more trustworthy. Reviews also help you to build on elements that your customers like about buying from your website. Even bad reviews can be beneficial for making sales as they prove that reviews are legitimate. 

Product Videos

Product videos are continuing to gain popularity on e-commerce websites. Consumers prefer watching videos over looking at images and reading content, and e-commerce made that work in its favour. Video is a highly effective tool to establish a connection with online shoppers as it is easily understandable and perceived. Consequently, a higher engagement rate brought on by video content contributes to an increase in e-commerce sales.

Easy Navigation 

Easy navigation plays a vital part of your e-commerce website’s overall design. Good navigation helps users find the products they are looking for with ease. On the flip side of this, poor navigation could frustrate them and cause them to leave your website without converting. The main idea of easy navigation is to present a clear path from your website’s landing page to the checkout stage. 

Fast Loading Times

Over 50% of online shoppers will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. It doesn’t matter if you have the most stunning looking website on the internet, if it loads slowly your conversion rate is going to suffer. 

Search Function

All e-commerce websites need a user-friendly search function in order for visitors to find the products they are looking for. The search function should be easily found and stay in the same place on each page. If your products are also categorised, it avoids confusion when a visitor is unsure what product categories a certain item belongs to. 

Mobile Friendly 

Mobile devices account for almost 60% of e-commerce website visits, so ensuring that yours is mobile friendly is essential. Creating an e-commerce website that is easy to navigate on mobile devices will maximise your potential customer base.