As Wiley Online Library reports, many learning applications available online today have a positive impact on studies thanks to the interactive content and playful regime. Students love apps bythe default, so that is where both they and gifted app developers benefit.That is why we offer to look through the best educational applications that can change your academic life for better.

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Many students complain about the slow working process while doing their homework. Different things distract them from what they do. Moreover, some students share they are not satisfied with their typing speed. The students have a unique opportunity to retain skills more effectively. Flashcards are one of the best learning tools ever, and Brainscape offers plenty of ready solutions as well as ability to come up with personal flashcards and share them with your peers and other users of the application. Each month, a user has to invest $10 to enjoy this app. If you decide to join annual subscription, it will cost you only $36. A lifetime subscription will be $80, so it is up to a user to decide how effective and useful Brainscape is. The paid versions have extra features such as:

  • Bookmarks
  • Browse mode
  • Card reversibility
  • No ads

Ready4 SAT

Are you planning to take some standardized tests, SAT, or ACT? The main goal of the software is to drill a student to reply to the practice quizzes. You will know what the exam is preparing for you after a couple of sessions. Except for the study material, students will obtain valuable tips and tricks to succeed in their examination. The app offers some mobile-friendly chunks. The software will forecast your test score and GPA. It will highlight student’s weak places so that you will know what to work on before SAT. The app considers numerous academic programs across the globe.

Thanks to such apps, the self-placed e-learning market amounted to $46.67 billion and is forecasted to keep on growing until 2021. This information was shared by the famous Statista.Com.


One of the most popular learning tools is, of course, Coursera. It is a remote school full of valuable recommendations, papers, lessons, and more. A student may choose from a variety of classes and disciplines. He or she can also decide on the preferred academic level: from high school to MA and Ph.D.On the whole, the website offers more than 1,000 subjects: from humanities to precise sciences and business. A student will find:

  • Lectures
  • Reading materials
  • Interactive content (video and infographics)
  • Tips and tricks

While some courses are free of charge, you will have to pay to take the advanced classes. It is worth your money as you will get a real certificate by the end of the course, and these certificates are accepted by most of the modern organizations. The applicationhas some bugs, but they are not significant. The tutoring approach here combines traditional education and modern, online learning system.


This 5-dollar application is an excellent solution for students who love procrastinating. Many students suffer from the procrastination, so Due is a good alarm for most of them. No matter how urgent homework assignments are, this little helper will not let you miss a deadline. At least, you will be reminded every specified period. You do not even need personal account or Wi-Fi to launch and use the application. A student can select the countdown and apply every day and weekly notifications. The app synchronizes across the devices and shifts as a user crosses time zones.

Khan Academy

This place is almost as popular as Coursera. It is a famous educational platform that offers such traditional classes as mathematics, science (various precise sciences like physics or chemistry), economics, etc. While other similar services focus more on modernized subjects, Khan Academy will not let you down face in the dirt when it comes to the traditional classes. Brush up on outdated things or absorb new knowledge! The app has no hidden fees, and it is absolutely free of charge. It is right for the high school students and some college freshmen.


It is an elementary app that helps high school students and their younger colleagues with math and the related disciplines like geometry and algebra. It will provide mentoring on the ways to isolate X in your homework assignments. Except for the ready solutions, the application offers full, detailed explanations of every step and formula. This way, Photomath helps to understand where the answers come from. Just take the photo of the prompt (it is the best thing about this app – no need to enter the instructions manually!) place it into the software’s window.


It is an offer from the Google Play talented developers. This application is a top solution for those who would like to become the gurus of programming and IT overall. SoloLearn allows mastering such programming languages as HTML, C++, Java, and more. A student even has a unique opportunity to learn the basics of more complicated languages like Python or PHP. Every course is totally free!


This tool is perfect for young people who never stop exploring the world around. It is available for both Android and iOS users. The software has plenty of simple articles to motivate the youngsters to study more. The content also includes witty videos from the top hand-picked developers of academic materials. You can look for the right content in more than a million curated videos and several thousands of articles. It is possible to categorize the entire content to make the search process easier.


It is time to cover at least one application designed for the multilingual students, linguists, and philologists. WelcomeDuolingo, which is focused on teaching various languages. Both iOS and Android devices users may benefit from using this tool. It contains 23 languages. It is your chance to learn the following languages without investing a cent:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Irish
  • Dutch
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Hebrew
  • Esperanto
  • Vietnamese
  • Ukrainian
  • Welsh
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian
  • Swahili
  • English, sure thing!

SecuredGeNetworks proves that applying tablets and smartphones in class enhances overall student’s performance. Thus, you should not listen to teachers who are against the usage of modern technologies during the lessons. Luckily, it all changes, and most of the tutors today realize the significant role of technologies in our world.