When assigned properly, homework assignments allow students to explore and expand on their knowledge, as well as study and reinforce learned subjects at their own pace. Unfortunately, teachers often assign work just to keep their students busy, instead of to encourage learning. When students face a build-up of assignments or just need a little extra homework help, they can turn to these online tools.

#1: Writing Help Sites

When students have several teachers assigning them ‘busy’ work, it becomes increasingly hard to keep up with everything. Instead of rushing and risking a sub-par assignment, students can turn to homework help sites like 123writings.com. This particular site helps students outline and compose everything from a basic essay to a graduate thesis. These types of sites free up time for students to work on other assignments so they don’t have to stress.

#2: Graphing Tool

Online graphing tools are incredibly useful for many subjects, making them something you want to have handy. You can plot data for math homework or science projects, present information for your research paper, and more. A good graphing tool will do several types of graphs, from line graphs to scatter plots to pie charts.

#3: Note-Taking Tool

If you can view your reading and class materials online or have a computer to scan them in, a note-taking tool makes taking notes significantly easier A quality tool allows you to highlight in different colors and write directly on your notes using a smart phone or tablet, taking note-taking to a new level. In addition to working with course materials, it works with sources you find on the Internet.

#4: Citation Generator

It can be hard to create citations for your work, especially when there are different rules among styles like APA, MLA, and Chicago. An online citation generator keeps track of these rules so you don’t have to. Simply input the information that the generator asks for, click the submit button, and copy and paste your citation. Just don’t forget to change the font and paragraph style to match your paper.

#5: Online Organizer

Even though most schools give students a planner to keep track of their assignments, an online organizer is a useful tool for homework help online because it keeps students on track. Additionally, since it is online students can set it up to give them notifications before assignments are due. This means you will never forget about an assignment again.

#6: Video Seminars

In recent years, there have been a handful of online academies that have made video seminars available to the general public. A quality seminar will introduce the topic in a personable way, instead of reading like a textbook. This is especially helpful in math, English, and other difficult subject areas where understanding can be increased by seeing examples done.

#7: Apps

Learning a second language is difficult, especially when you must fit your studying around all your other assignments. As you choose an app to work with, look for one that is intuitive and challenging, instead of one that just reads like a jumble of flash cards. After all, knowing vocab will not help if you do not know the grammatical basics to put those words into sentences. Another great app for students is a resume writing app like the one at Online Resume Builders.

#8: Source Aggregator

Instead of browsing through pages of search engine results, students can head over to a smarter search engine to browse. A source aggregator will show you all you need to know about a subject, so you don’t have to sort through all the sources you are presented with. Some even show step-by-step solutions to student’s queries and visual representations of important content.

#9: Studying Tools

Flash cards, data maps, and quizzes are just some of the things offered by these types of schoolwork tools. They can help you brush up on your notes or study for your final- just tell the tool what you need to know. Some even allow you to study with other students from around the world in real time.

Students who do not want to do homework the hard way should look to the above tools for help. They can help with science, math, English papers, and any other subject you have assignments in.