It’s an exciting day when you decide to go for it and get yourself a new bedroom set. But whether you’re springing for a new bed, dresser, and nightstand or just replacing an old, worn-out mattress, you’ll need to put some thought into everything that goes on your bed as well. Here are some tips for choosing all those items, starting with a quality mattress.

1. Put comfort first

When you buy a mattress and all the trimmings, it just makes sense to prioritize comfort. You can have the most beautiful room in the world, but you won’t be happy with it if it doesn’t enhance your physical sense of wellbeing. In that case, consider an affordable mattress made with foam or latex or a spring bed with a pillowtop. Start with a quality mattress with comfort features like pocketed coils, breathable fabrics, and firm edge support. Choose warm throws and cushiony pillows. In other words, make sure the items you buy fulfill their primary function well.

2. Match each item to your unique preferences

Reading reviews before you buy is always a good idea. But don’t get carried away by someone else’s idea of what’s best. What’s right for them might not work at all for you. Considering your personal preferences is especially important when you look for a quality mattress.

For instance, choose a quality mattress that’s right for your preferred sleep position. Back sleepers can sleep well on nearly any type of mattress, but if you sleep on your side, you need a softer mattress. In that case, consider an affordable mattress made with foam or latex or a spring bed with a pillowtop. Think about whether you like flat or fluffy pillows. And when it comes to accessories, select items that suit your tastes in color and design.

3. Remember all the people and pets that share your bed

If you’re the only one who ever uses your bed, you have a lot more freedom when you order a mattress online for your home. But if guests sometimes use your bed, your children climb in with you from time to time, or your pet likes to snooze at your feet, you need to find a quality mattress that will accommodate all of them.

If pets sleep on your bed, consider getting a California King, which is 84 inches long – four inches longer than a regular King-size mattress. For children who often climb into bed with you, a full-size bed will always feel cramped. Think about getting at least a Queen size or larger. After you choose the quality mattress, choose accessories that suit all those sleepers. For example, if pets use your bed, avoid throws with wide-open weaves that they might unravel with their nails.

5. Get the best deals

Once you’ve chosen a mattress and accessories that meets all your needs, consider the price. Find out where to buy a good mattress, preferably from a store that offers reliable delivery. Then, shop for all those items at a store that offers your chosen bed mattress for sale at the lowest price.

Outfitting your bedroom is fun, but it takes some thought to get it right. Look for a mattress and accessories that perform well, meet your needs, and suit your preferences. Then, buy those items online at the best prices you can find.