Nowadays, you’ll rarely find anyone who still uses a fax machine. That doesn’t mean faxing is obsolete. Faxing is still thriving to this, but not as fax machines, but in the form of online faxing services. Seeing how you’re reading this article; you probably took interest in digital fax solutions as well. If so, you must remember that not all solutions are worth considering.

Some faxing solutions have terrible speed, while others charge exorbitant rates in addition to hidden charges. Ideally, you’d want a solution that has at least a decent speed and is affordable.

If you’re facing difficulties finding the ideal digital fax solution for your needs, you might want to start by looking into the following considerations.

  • Supported Countries

Before anything else, you need to know that each digital fax solution may support a limited number of countries or states. Since that’s the case, you can start by making sure your country is part of the supported regions of the digital fax solution, especially if you’re situated in a rather unpopular location. You should be able to find this information from their official website. A perfect example of a fax solution with a relatively extensive reach is Metrofax.

Also, take note that certain digital fax solutions have an international reach, meaning they cover the majority of the countries in the world, so you might want to go for these solutions first.

  • Search Functionality

One of the main differences between traditional faxing and internet faxing is the fact that you can search for the file you want to attach to the fax message. This particular feature saves you a lot of time that you would’ve spent going through various documents in search of a specific document.

With that said, make sure you narrow down your choices to digital fax solutions that have search functionality. If most of them have this feature, you can also look into the comprehensiveness of this feature. For example, some platforms allow you to use keywords to search for files, while others may have a filter function where you can search using date created or format. Speaking of format, the supported file types or formats is also yet another important consideration.

  • Supported File Types

If you’re planning to send a file to your acquaintance or coworker, you’ll find that certain documents can’t be attached to the fax message. One of the common reasons why this happens is that the format of that file is unsupported. In that regard, make sure you narrow down your choices to solutions that support the format from which you mostly use.

You can also look for the digital fax solution that supports the highest number of file formats. For your reference, here’s a closer look at the file types digital fax services typically support:

  • .doc/.docx (Word documents)
  • .xls/.xlxs (Excel spreadsheets)
  • .ppt/.pptx (PowerPoint presentations)
  • .txt (Texts)
  • .pdf (Portable Document Format files)
  • .htm/.html (HTML files)
  • .gif (GIFs)
  • .jpg, .png, .bmp (Images)
  • Service Accessibility

One of the main advantages of digital fax solutions over conventional faxing is that you can send or receive faxes anywhere, anytime. However, this may not be the case if the faxing platform is only accessible via a desktop platform. After all, you wouldn’t want to carry a large computer everywhere you go. That’s also why you must consider service accessibility.

Accessibility refers to how you can access a platform or service. In the case of fax solutions, you must make sure their platform is accessible on the following devices or gadgets:

  • Browser application
  • Desktop software
  • Mobile application (Android and iOS)

Take note that this particular consideration allows you to get the most value out of your money.

  • Storage Options

If one of your objectives in signing up for a digital fax solution to receive numerous faxes, you must consider the storage options. This factor refers to how the platform stores all the fax you receive. Some solutions have limited storage, while others allow you to buy more storage for your fax. You’ll also find certain service providers that offer unlimited storage. But take note that you can use other storage solutions separate from the faxing platform, so this shouldn’t be a priority.

  • Security Capabilities

Traditional fax machines send a fax without any encryption. While that may have been in the past, some digital fax solutions nowadays are still not encrypting fax data properly. If that is so, hackers can easily steal the information your fax carries. In that regard, make sure you only choose a solution that has decent cybersecurity and has several encryption methods.

  • Pricing And Subscription Plans

As always, you must remember to consider the pricing and subscription plan of the digital fax solution. It shouldn’t be too cheap, since that’s a sign that the service is terrible, and it also shouldn’t be too expensive, since there might be cheaper options with better services. You should also investigate the fee system thoroughly to avoid solutions that have hidden charges.

For your reference, most online fax solutions use a monthly subscription model with a fee of around USD$5 to USD$50 a month. Other services also operate in a pay-as-you-go plan.

This model doesn’t require you to pay monthly, but instead, you pay for each fax you send (this doesn’t include faxes you receive). Make sure you decide which of these two models you’ll stick to before anything else. 

  • Customer Support

When using an online fax platform, you may encounter difficulties once in a while. Although you can always figure it out by yourself, it would be best if you have someone to guide you. That’s why you must also consider the customer support of the service provider. Their response time should be fast, and their support staff should be accessible on both mobile devices and websites.

Wrapping Up

Not everyone can spot a hidden gem from a mountain of rocks. If you can’t find the ideal digital fax solution for you as an individual or for your business, you might be doing something wrong. In that regard, you should take things slowly by creating a checklist of things you must consider when choosing a digital fax solution. It may be difficult, but with this article as a guide, you should be able to find a couple of noteworthy options.