The Azure Certification is a highly demanded and respected credential not only in the IT Sector but in various fields. This certification is a great choice for career advancement and industry-wide recognition.

A career in the cloud may seem overwhelming but with an intelligently crafted certification by Microsoft, you can become an expert. Here are 8 reasons to opt for this certification.

1) Flexibility in Career

The importance and usability of cloud computing have been established firmly into almost every industry including entertainment, healthcare and finance. Every industry generates, classifies and stores data regularly. Thus, there’s a susceptibility to various data security breaches.

Having a Microsoft Azure Certification will not only provide flexibility in various job roles but also the field of work. If you are a cloud professional in the IT sector, it will open up new opportunities for career advancement in growth, providing job roles like:

  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Architect
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • AI Engineer.

2) Growth Prospects

Azure certifications are awarded to the candidates after successfully clearing the certification examinations for different levels. The examination is broadly categorised under role-based and fundamental certifications.

The fundamental examination may not be necessary for a specialisation certification. It validates your expertise related to cloud products and services so that employers can trust your skills.

Most of the candidates who are able to get this certification have been known to get a salary hike. They have also successfully entered the field of IT through entry-level jobs. Professionals who aspire to be employees of Fortune 500 companies like Wipro and Facebook can leverage an Azure certification to apply for and get into these companies.

3) Structured learning approach

When we talk of online courses, it becomes difficult to choose from the abundant choices available throughout the internet. We often struggle with finding a genuine online course imparting out useful practical knowledge to be used in problem-solving.

Azure Certification Training by Microsoft gives the candidates a properly structured format to learn and apply. The fundamentals can be easily learned through Microsoft Learning platform. With quality free resources, hands-on experience from the virtual lab facility can facilitate an all-round understanding of the concepts.

Various online websites like ours have assembled dedicated instructors and broke down the course materials, approaching a result-oriented approach. The professionals and students who lack time to curate the resources and stay on schedule can always opt for such online training modules.

5) Keep up with the latest trends

We know how difficult it is to keep with the drastically changing trends in every industry especially the dynamic IT Sector. The professionals in this field need to understand the application of the new technology and learn it thoroughly enough to integrate it into their organisation’s system.

The Azure products are highly recommended by the industry experts and used in a large number of companies. Microsoft Azure Certifications ensures that you stay ahead of your peers and climb great heights of success.

6) Certified expertise

Professional certification proves your commitment towards the quality of work you provide to your current employers or to potential employers. The standard of the role-based certification is kept quite high by Microsoft.

It is different because it has a proper learning structure, unlike self-learning platforms. It takes a good amount of dedication and effort to be certified. If you are a beginner and have limited knowledge in this area, it is advised to opt for this certification under an instructor-led course like the ones at Koenig Solutions.

7) Dev-Ops skills

Azure is connected with DevOps. One can get clear insights on various software development practises by being Microsoft Azure certified, capable of developing secure applications. You can actively participate in the production and management process pointing out the errors from the starting itself.

Continuous integration helps reduce redundancy in a manual procedure involving development and testing. Work such as constructing acceleration tools for faster code compilation and parallel workflow contributes to smooth operational flow becomes easier. These are some of the pros of having this certification integrated with the DevOps.

8) Community of Professionals

Microsoft Training is backed up by a whole community of professionals to consult and share knowledge. In a vast field like this, having quality interaction and developing meaningful connections can go a long way. The experienced candidates often share their experience and additional resources regarding the examination.

Classroom training includes assignments which are to be marked and evaluated by peers enrolled in the same course giving, making you work on your fundamentals from the grass-root itself.


There are several benefits to getting an Azure certification. If you are interested in knowing more details about the Azure certification cost, curriculum, tips for preparing for the certifications etc., visit the official Microsoft website. This can help you understand whether you should get an Azure certification.