Although the world has gone digital, flyers and posters are a massively effective way of getting your company message across.  They are an important part of marketing strategies no matter the size or scale of your business.  As such, it’s important that the flyers and custom posters that you print online look great.  They are after all a representation of your business.  We’ve put together a list of some of the best graphic design tools that will make your flyer or poster look fantastic. If you are looking to push an existing product, or something that’s brand-new check out these tools below.

Adobe Illustrator

There is no doubt that you have probably heard of Adobe before. Adobe Illustrator is the best for creating flyers. It allows you to make sharp lines and text, as well as being able to incorporate colour. It can change images (not as well as Photoshop can) – and its main forte is to create single pages.  It allows you to pull all the elements including text and images into 1 page.


This is used by millions of people, as it makes design easy.  It is perfect for design newbies out there.  This online software allows you to create projects effectively.  It has stock images, templates, shapes, and filters – you can design your flyer to its full potential.  You can save your creations in various file formats.  There is also the opportunity to upgrade to a paid version to access more features – but you can design something pretty great on the free version.  This means you can try before you buy.

Poster Maker

This is an app that you can use to create posters and flyers and is available through iTunes.  They support iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and is available in 10 languages.  It costs $4.99 – and is simple to use.  The only issue is that you can’t export a PDF file that’s larger than 8.5 x 11 inches or make 11 x 17 inch poster layouts. The convenience factor of being able to create on the go is what makes it so popular.

Microsoft Word

This one may shock you, but you can use it to create the likes of posters, flyers and even infographics with the newer Microsoft Word versions. There are templates available that you can pick and choose from, which will allow you to get your flyer started within seconds.


GIMP is probably the best free Photoshop tool that there is.  It is an opensource software – but is still as powerful as Adobe. According to reviews, some people even feel that it’s superior to Photoshop.  This is for those of you who are pretty serious about your flyer design.  It can take a little bit of time for people who are new to these kinds of software to get to grips with as there are some cool features you won’t find on other free design tools.

Poster My Wall

This is incredibly easy to use.  You can literally click the “Create your Flyer Now” – to get things started.  You will find that there is a gallery of images waiting for you – allowing you to pick and choose the ones that fit in best with your flyer. This is perfect for those of you who aren’t too handy at this kind of thing.  There are 3 options when trying to download your files which are: high quality, medium quality and then the free option.  If you opt for the free option – you will spot your flyer will have a big watermark, but you can get around that by screen shotting the flyer and cropping the rest of the page.


This design program will allow you to start designing flyers instantly.  It’s incredibly easy to work with – however you will constantly be nagged to register.  It doesn’t allow you to share or export your work unless you are registered, so you may as well do this at the beginning.  There is a free trial on offer, but you will end up needing to pay for it.


This is probably the most renowned software programs used by design professionals, and non-professionals.  You can take your imagery over to the editor and create some pretty amazing things.  They have layouts that are a little more complex than straightforward flyers – but this is one to be used if you want to stand out from the crowd.