Digital marketers make mistakes, and there are instances where these mistakes could cause a lot of trouble and expenses in the long run, especially if it’s left unresolved. Likewise, there are some marketing tactics that can be annoying or inefficient; while others may be too complicated or difficult. That said, here are some of the usual elements that make digital marketing and SEO difficult.


1. Creating Actionless Content

In order to be successful with digital marketing, aside from knowing the important elements that would lead to success, an internet marketer should also be familiar with the elements that could make digital marketing slightly difficult. One of which would be creating actionless content that doesn’t even give the customers actionable elements are nothing, but a waste of time and money.

Basically, any content that doesn’t allow the user to take any kinds of action is nothing but useless. The purpose of having content is to attract the customers down the sales pipeline. So, if there aren’t any actions embedded within the content, then the consumers won’t be able to proceed to the next step of the sales process. Your content would just stagnate the consumers in the sales process and that’s about it.

The issue doesn’t only lie with the content that lacks actionable elements, but the fact that there are also some confusing elements or not enough actionable elements to support the site. The key is, it should be easy for the consumers to take action, because it’s neither difficult nor confusing. Also, the next step should be clearly obvious that there’s no need for the customer to look for it.

2. Robbing Customers of Choice

As much as possible, it’s never ideal to force your customers to do anything for you. Aside from undermining the brand’s image, it would also drive your customers away because they will be thinking that you robbed their privilege of deciding for themselves.

Aside from that, stay away from creating video banners that play automatically, and don’t ever dare to force pop ups on customers. As much as possible, it would be better if you can just show the customers the duration of the video, how they could adjust the sound, and anything. Give them the free will to support your brand.


3. Too Many Options to Choose From

Website content with plenty of actionable elements isn’t always good for the business, because it can also have a negative impact with the sales process, just like content with zero actionable elements. Aside from that, any overflowing information, especially if it’s unwarranted information, can be very annoying and confusing for most.

Having too many options could influence the customers to take no action at all because there would be a lot of work involved. Most would rather not spend a lot of time weighing options. So, instead of that, it would be better to offer at least three options, because it’s more ideal to give customers choices without overwhelming them either.

4. Repetitive Competition

As an internet marketer, you should have a habit of using fewer words, with the important details intact. For this, you can consider using videos that are 5 minutes or shorter. The key is, you should be effective and efficient in all content and media. Say only what’s necessary and there’s no need to repeat yourself over and over again.

5. Misuse of Data

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t be using data to justify the actions that you have already taken. Instead, you should be constantly testing your site’s performance. Also, don’t attempt to justify the actions that have already been taken. Instead, you should be using data as often as you can in order to determine what can be done for you and your brand. These data should be your basis before and after you take any action. Likewise, try to anticipate what would work best for your brand and be sure to test it.

Even when something seems to work on one medium, there’s a possibility that it won’t work on the other. That’s why it’s very important to test subtle difference so that you can stay away from misusing marketing schemes that may contribute to the downfall of your company. Also, the important data shouldn’t be used to find a reason to accept the status quo.


6. Failure to Identify the Proper Personal

One of the most vital questions that you should ask yourself if you’re involved in a marketing campaign would be, “Who is your target audience?” Failure to get this answer right would make your hard work turn to waste. However, it’s also important to note that identifying the proper persona would take plenty of research. There are several factors that must be considered, such as who would find the product appealing, the solution your product is offering, and the kind of competition you’re going to face.

After that, the next step would be creating a story or a persona around the target consumer in order to find their interests, habits, challenges, and what affects their purchasing decisions. Knowing the persona would help you improve your marketing campaign.

7. Not Having Enough Research

The purpose of hiring a top digital marketing agency in London is for those who don’t have enough time to perform the research needed to establish their business online. However, for the most part, professional marketers are usually the type of person who enjoy coming up with creative ideas and concepts. Thus, these people are guilty of not doing enough research or giving research the kind of attention it deserves.

When it comes to digital marketing, ample research is very important if you want your campaign to be successful. Likewise, you should also be devoting the time and dedication needed to learn more about your consumer and the type of market you’re being part of.


8. Creating the Wrong Message for the Audience

Marking is a field that’s highly dependent on how the audience will react. The truth is, it doesn’t really matter how creative or original your idea is. If you fail to reach your target audience, don’t expect to reach your marketing goals.

Make sure to take note of the elements we’ve discussed in this article. You might probably be doing some of them. Avoid them as much as possible and you’re sure to get better results from your digital marketing campaign.