The year 2020, amongst many other things, has been a year of learning. For any business environment also, it is no different. We have learnt, and of course still learning, to cope, to change, to accept and to communicate differently. We have taken multiple avenues and found many a resort to reach our business goals and, in this process, have also discovered tools and techniques that have immense role to amplify our business. Screen recording tools have been one such discovery and it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are finding ways to do so much more with these platforms. Technically the screen recording tools are a bunch of software, which allow you to snap digital recording of any content on your computer screen.

How screen recording tools can bolster your business:

Let’s find out how you can ease out your business and processes by using Screen recording tools, in the best way. 

1) Transform the way you communicate with your clients and stakeholders:

Videos have taken over our lives and for a good reason, they decode information easily, look attractive and users tend to spend more time watching video content than, say, reading; it’s a no brainer that video communication is definitely going to pick up the pace even further, in future.

Screen recording tools let you communicate with your clients or any stakeholders you have in mind, easily and remotely. Record meetings with system sounds and never lose any information or details of deliverables shared by your ever-demanding clients. 

Have a sales pitch or company introduction? Instead of spending unnecessary time on writing long emails, just record it with your screen recorder and send it to your potential clients in a jiffy. Screen recording tools like Fluvid also lets you maintain video privacy whereby you can only share the video with a handful of audience or add protection on video.

2) Train and communicate with your team members: 

Screen recording tools also make your life easy while you try to train or communicate with your team members remotely. Create attractive training videos, tutorials, record webinars which are otherwise not downloadable and share amongst your team. 

Have some instructions to give? Just record it along with your voice, screen and camera and share the same in the form of a video link, even if you’re on the go. Your team members will retain all the information, without ever missing any of it, even if they have missed to attend a meeting. The corporate saying is changing from, “this meeting should have been email” to “this email should have been a video message”, and for the right reason!   

3) On boarding, monitoring performance and quality checks: 

For organizations working remotely or with multiple offices, on-boarding a new human resource has always been challenging. But thanks to the screen recording tools, it has become quite hassle-free. Record and share induction videos, HRMS tutorials, training materials so that the new employees feel comfortable and take in all the new information at their own pace. With these applications, you can also hold performance appraisals, test if an employee, especially after sales support department, is giving out all the information to your users. You can also carry-out beta testing of a new product or service by capturing the screens of your team members to gauge the usability of the same.   


4) Record live events and stream: 

Due to the pandemic, most of our organizational & business events, awards, product launches, sponsored events etc. have been virtual. Some of the Screen recording tools give you the option to record your event and live-streaming the same, so that the whole process becomes easy and hassle-free.  A successful case study, worth mentioning in this context, is Stream Con Asia 2020. The team successfully conducted their event through Fluvid live streaming in Nov2020 and generated a good amount of social interaction. 


5)  Screen recording tools for education business:

The education sector, especially at the advent of online education, is being revolutionized. Screen recording tools are of great help in aiding the business further. From creating and taking video lectures, conducting doubt clearing classes through live sessions, monitoring tests to giving feedback on assignments these tools come handy. Students find the video lecture exciting and relatable and the knowledge retention level increases manifolds within a short span of time.   

6) Screen recording tools to control application errors:

For businesses monitoring and checking system errors are critical. Through Screen recording tools, your tech teams can not only find the glitches easily, but also can record the solutions for your employees or users and that really saves a lot of time and efforts. 

7) Record demos: 

With Screen recording tools creating a product or a service demo is really easy. 

The demos can be stored easily in the respective cloud-dashboards and can be accessed any time, without hassle. Some screen recording applications let you put a call-to-action button which can guide your potential customers to make further enquiry and help you generate quality business leads. 

Editor’s Pick to help you choose the right screen recording tool :

There are many screen recording tools available to help you. Personally, we have used many of them, including Fluvid, a secure and intuitive screen recording software which lets you record your screen, camera and system sound. Within only 6 months of its existence, 170K+ users trust Fluvid for their screen recording requirement. With Fluvid you can not only record but also edit, add call to action buttons, share videos selectively with password protection, get video analytics, live stream and so on.  

Now it’s time to actually put the knowledge to actual use. So, go on and try some of the screen recording tools and unlock their potential to help you grow your business.