In today’s digital age, buyers’ journeys are getting more and more complex. Their buying decision lingers between multiple platforms. With a wide variety of choices and a range of prices, they may take days, weeks, or months to buy an item.

This is why adding elements into your marketing strategy that create urgency speeds things up. Below are the seven ways you can use urgency to drive more conversions-

Set Your Deadlines First

Limiting the time shoppers have is a great way to instigate urgency to buy your products and services. Why? Because short time limits create a sense of urgency, convincing the customers to make a purchase before things get out of stock.

And setting deadlines is an easy way to add this tactic to your online marketing strategy. The examples include setting a deadline for quick delivery, promoting the time your sale ends, putting discount codes with a deadline, etc.

Use Countdown Timers To Highlight Deadline

Now that you have set your deadline, it’s time to put it in front of your customers. Countdown timers are catchy visual elements you can use to draw the audience’s attention towards the deadline of a deal. Counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds prompts call to action. As time runs, the customers feel an urgency to bag the deal.

Adoric provides you with a countdown timer tool that has customization options to give you the best results. You can place the Adoric countdown timers on all the pages and email campaigns. Pay attention to the text, color, alignment, and design, as these factors influence the overall result.

Include Time-Related Words To Prompt Action

Words play a crucial role in changing the behavior of your customers. So, use a well-written copy and include time-related words in it. In other words, optimize the copy for urgency by using the right words and phrases that show the urgency.

However, don’t get too clever with the copy; it might reduce the impact. Use tried and tested phrases, such as-

  • Save today
  • Buy now
  • Last chance
  • Offer expires
  • Hurry
  • Don’t miss out
  • Offers end soon
  • One day only, etc.

The words mentioned above highlight what customers might lose if they don’t buy now.

Show When The Items Are Out Of Stock

Many ecommerce businesses hide the out-of-stock items on their pages. But, showing the items that are running out of stock help boosts conversions. By doing so, you can encourage customers to buy other related items.

You need to keep a balance, though. If you show a lot of items that they can’t purchase, they may get frustrated. So, show just a few and trigger urgency.

Tell Them When The Cart Will Expire

Shoppers often get distracted during the checkout process. You can counter this by adding a countdown timer that puts a restricted time limit on the checkout, especially if you are a travel or event brand.

As a retailer, you can create a sense of urgency to the cart abandonment messages by letting the potential customers know that the items will be held for a limited time. As the customers have invested time picking out items and adding them to their cart, they will lose their precious time if the cart expires.

Show Paucity

Showing paucity or scarcity is another great way to make customers want to buy more. Customers exhibit an urgency to buy under the scarcity conditions. This tactic triggers such a big response that the in-store shoppers may try to hide the items; so they don’t miss out.

You can show scarcity online by telling when the items are low on stock. You can go the extra mile by setting up the triggered emails and telling the customers that the items they have recently searched for are running low on the stock.

Highlight The Price Increases

The compulsion of having to buy something tomorrow at a higher price makes people buy today. By displaying how many items are left at an advertised price, you can use people’s fear of spending more tomorrow if they delay their purchase.

To Sum Up

Showing urgency to make people buy more isn’t a new thing. But, many businesses aren’t using it to their full advantage. Incorporating the tactics mentioned above are a good place to start. This will not only help you adhere to the deadlines, but will also built trust in clients and increase the website conversion rate