When creating a website, you would want it to generate profits for you sometime in the future. However, this is only possible if you choose the correct type of website from the myriad options available online. While some are simple, others need a lot of things to create. This article analyzes seven website types that can give you a head start.

1. E-Commerce Website

An e-Commerce website is among the most lucrative websites on the internet today. It allows the visitors to buy products through it. There are two models applicable to this website, the dropshipping and the traditional online retail store models.

With dropshipping, you only purchase the product once someone has made an order. It is easier and cheaper to run than the traditional one, which requires you to buy the products first and store them as you wait for people to buy. 

2. Blog Website

Most blog websites start as a hobby where you express your personal life experiences, such as wishes, thoughts, or dreams. It can help you make profits once you attain a good number of followers. Advertisers will pay you to display their products or services to your followers. 

Make no mistake, blogging is not just a hobby. It can grow into a huge company and earn you some good passive income. So, take it seriously. 

3. Entertainment Website

People love to look out for things that can entertain them on the internet, including current affairs, dancing classes, and virtual sports betting. Therefore, an entertainment website is built to and can attract massive traffic, and advertisers will want you to advertise their products for them at a fee.

The good news about this website is that you can never lack content ideas. There will always be something new happening every day that you can cover. The downside is that it is crowded, but there is enough space for new websites. 

4. Niche Affiliate Website

You have seen a website recommending particular products or brands repeatedly. And when you click on it and read through, there is an option to purchase the products. If you have seen such, it is called affiliate marketing. The owner of the website earns a commission if you buy any product. 

You can also do the same. But, you must select a specific niche and stick to it, whether cars, houses, electronic appliances, chemicals, plastics or clothing. It becomes easier to solve any problem when you focus on one niche. 

5. Podcasting Website

Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular each day. It focuses on video or audio files that touch on specific topics. For example, they can be discussing celebrities’ romantic relationships, businesses, scandals, or shows. 

Like a blog website, this too attracts traffic which you can monetize through ads. If you do it long enough and with determination, you can make good profits. 

6. Questions and Answers Website

Finding answers to questions is among the primary roles of the internet. People seek answers from the internet on almost anything unclear to them. And with the rise of smartphones, this trend has become more popular. 

With that in mind, you can create a questions and answers website and monetize it. Examples include Yahoo and Quora, where visitors post their questions and let others respond. Besides money, the website also creates a great online interactive community.

7. Professional Services Website

If you have knowledge and experience in a particular profession, offering its services to customers at a fee is one of the best ways to make money online. Unlike the other websites you need to build over time, this one is almost instant. However, it is crucial to focus on a single service and perfect it. Customers will refer others once they find it satisfying.


To sum up, websites are a great way to make profits. Nevertheless, you must select one that suits your interests. The above types can give you a glimpse of where to start.