The times when you had to go out to buy groceries, clothes, accessories, appliances, etc., are an old story now. E-commerce is sweeping away the effort-intensive shopping experiences. You can order anything, from anywhere, at any time, and the store will deliver the product to your doorstep.

Talking of e-commerce, we cannot overlook Shopify. It’s one of the best platforms to sell online and its popularity is for a reason. The store believes in implementing trends like chatbots that nurture healthy customer relationships. There’s definitely more than chatbots that are helping.

We’ll look into all the trending ideas moving around the ever-changing e-commerce industry.

The Future of E-commerce in 2022

E-commerce is a booming industry. It has higher prospects of reaching the valuation of $5 Trillion this year. As mind-boggling as it seems, the figures will only go up to $11 Trillion by 2025, as per Shopify’s market data. One thing that’s for sure is that e-commerce knows no boundaries. 

Yet, with great scope comes great responsibility. Such e-commerce platforms like Shopify stores are now equipped with Shopify bot protection. There are other bots as well that protect your identity and data from data breaches. 

1. AI Technology in Ecommerce Sector

Artificial intelligence and Augmented Reality have become a new norm in global markets. Japan is the flagbearer of introducing AI chatbots to the public. The country introduced AI bots in their shopping malls. It has improved interactions and the shopping experience for its visitors. 

Shopify chatbot practices have a great impact on the positive image of online shopping. There are a dozen benefits that users get to enjoy with AI support. 

Benefits of Shopify Chatbot

  • Shopify bots help users shop for preferred items in less time. This is possible because AI recommends products they may take an interest in. 
  • Chatbot Shopify is also a great tool to answer users’ queries.
  • A good chatbot app also adds items to the buyer’s cart. 
  • The online chatbot is always there to accommodate buyers’ needs.

The world is evolving with AI integration in banking systems and more. Artificial intelligence has also entered our shopping carts, and it is worth it. 

2. Content Marketing is a New Chapter

What did businesses do when they weren’t aware of the potential of content marketing? They ran ads. Ads are powerful, and there’s no doubt about it. But, the world wants to see your businesses through transparent glasses. That’s when affiliate marketing comes into the picture. 

Now, content marketing is no longer an easy game. All businesses out there understand what marketing through content brings to the table. You’ll need AI-driven tools to secure a place on the buyer’s screen in a cutthroat competitive world.

When used right, AI is one of the top customer retention strategies to date. 

3. Live Chat for Top-Notch Help

Unresponsive businesses suffer from customer loss. As per Forbes, 97% of customers prefer leaving unresponsive businesses due to bad customer service. Hence, online e-commerce stores should use live chat powered by AI. 

Shopify’s live chat feature tends to the buyer’s requests right away. It’s a human-like interaction to ensure premium customer service. Your customer will also feel appreciated and return to you for quality products and service. 

4. Using Social Media as Sales Channel

Prominent social networks like Instagram and Facebook have been the highlights recently. Many businesses turn their heads toward the massive audiences present there. It’s not a new phenomenon, but running a business on these channels wasn’t as easy as it is now. 

Many small business ideas get nourishment on social platforms. Businesses progress by using marketing strategies and then shifting to bigger marketplaces like Shopify. Like Shopify, AI chatbots work with Facebook as well. 

The Facebook and Instagram marketplaces are accessible to everyone. Buyers don’t have to go to different websites to buy a product. Instead, they get to it on their mobile phones in a snap. 

5. SMS Marketing for Better Reach

No matter the niche of your business, SMS marketing will yield results for you. Reaching out to your customers through personal means increases the open rate by 98%. This is an interesting report.

You can use the short message service to keep your customers or connect with them without being nosy. Businesses with their customers on holidays or inform them about bargains they are offering. 

6. More Payment Options for Convenient Transactions

Today’s consumer is seeking ease. They deter complexities in day-to-day activities like online transactions. If your business incorporates a particular payment service, you may miss out on your share of the customers who don’t have access to that method. 

You can use payment gateways in physical stores, and people will engage with you. But it’s the case otherwise when we take online shopping scenarios. Customers will bounce back right away when not catered right. 

Today’s businesses understand the importance of providing comfort to the customer. You can offer payment options like Cash on Delivery, digital wallets (cryptocurrency), or card payments. 

7. Interactive E-commerce Stores For Real Shopping Experience 

You can expect more features and tools to become available as interactive commerce expands. It supports newer and long-term retail strategies that capitalize on customers’ needs. 

Businesses can rely on AI technologies for a personalized and intuitive buying experience. You can use graphics or 3D animations for product demos. These demos can include product specs, usage, or guide.

Companies who want to focus on one-to-one sales might offer choices like free samples or product training to tempt new clients. Still, clothing retailers need to build a cost-effective plan to manage order issues. 


Retailers who prefer an interactive model in their e-commerce will attract the user’s attention. You can use AI tools for marketing. And to streamline business processes that will benefit buyers. 

As we conclude, remember to be brave for experiments. It will reveal better store management and loyal customer base strategies to you. Don’t fidget in stress when it’s time to play with various features. It will help you determine what works best for the particular business idea or project.