A dedicated and distraction-free workspace in the home allows you to put household interruptions on the side and focus on work. Just because a home office is usually short, it doesn’t mean you cannot make it a perfect and peaceful workspace as per your individual needs. You can turn any corner of your home into a center of professional excellence and productivity by setting it up correctly.

Be it a flip-up table in the hallway, a dressing table, or an alcove in your bedroom, below we have gathered some excellent tips to decorate your home office creatively that will inspire productivity. You can use the following inspiring home office decoration ideas to convert your small home office into a peaceful, distracting free and productive workspace.

  • Keep it Clean and Bright

A bright and clean home office is the best place to accomplish official assignments or complete freelancing orders placed by your clients. You can choose a space next to the window so you can take advantage of the sunlight to make the space bright and energetic. As most home offices look cramped and dark, the natural light streaming into the space can make it brighter and bigger. You can also use LED lighting and a playful& Creative wallpaper to give your home office a sleek, bright, and playful look. 

  • Super-Sized Art Printed on Canvas

A tiny foldable desk and a comfy chair pushed into the corner of a living room is usually known as a home office. Creative placement of a giant-sized artwork behind the table can highlight and define your workplace in the best feasible way. This is where custom canvas prints come in handy to embellish your home office in a professional manner as you can print anything on them by CanvasChamp. Be it a motivational quotation, an artwork, or professional imagery, anything will look stunning when printed on the canvas as a super-sized art and hung behind your table.

  • Add Plenty of Plants

Adding plants into your home office gives it a natural and energetic feel. This helps you add life, feel and cheer into your workspace without taking up much space. When you choose to place your desk next to a window, it makes sense to put some adorable faux plants to make the space productive and natural. You can also use wine bottles to make bottle plants that you can place on your table or use as hanging planters. 

  • Cork It Up

The small wall of your home office can host so much stuff if you use a corkboard creatively. This will serve as the best place for both inspiration and organization as you can pin the printed quotes on the board or make the board a command central by pinning notes and project details on it. As organization and management is difficult in a small space, you can cork your home office up with a large cork board that can be used for organization and inspiration purposes. Having an acrylic chair is also a clever idea to give your small space a productive and attractive look.

  • Versatile Storage

In this modern world, pegboards are more flexible than ever and can be reconfigured easily as per your needs and requirements. As they don’t require much space, they are perfect for home offices as versatile storage solutions. You can use a wooden pegboard to create a classic appearance for your workspace while getting more storage to keep the essentials in an organized manner. 

  • Use a Long Table

If you are your partner and are looking for a creative home office idea to use the space efficiently, you can choose a blank wall and add a long table (or plywood) to create a long workplace for two. You can also make it a shared space. You can do it yourself or can buy a long table from the store. Adding wooden shelves to the blank wall is also a great idea to get some storage space and make your boring blank wall appealing. 

  • Hidden Office in the Wardrobe

As a space-conscious working professional, you can create a hidden workspace in your living room by using every single inch of your room creatively. It is a small home office built over the shoe storage in the wardrobe. Just take a floating desk that can easily sit above the shoe storage rack. Put a tiny lamp with a flexible cable to brighten up the space and use a small but comfy stool as you often use in front of the dressing table. You can easily hide your small home office with a curtain while showing off your living room to visitors or guests. 


Before setting up a home office to complete your work-related tasks and assignments from home, make sure to check you have enough space in a living room or any other area of your home for a table and chair. Choose a desk or table that is enough to hold your computer and other important office essentials easily. And then consider any of the above-mentioned home office decoration ideas to embellish your space for productivity and concentration.