After a long day at work, what’s better than spending some time with your squad playing an intense game? Playing games alone or with your friends can be very fun until you reach a point where the game is taking an exciting turn, and you cannot stop but smash your fingers against your ordinary keyboard. Even if you win the game, do not forget to take a minute of silence for your poor keyboard. Hence, what you need is a gaming keyboard.

Although every keyboard may look the same, there are many keyboards specially designed for gaming that every hard-core gamer should have. Gaming keyboards have specialized options that serve perfectly to the demands of a gamer. There are many features in a gaming keyboard that a basic keyboard lacks. It also puts a lot of pressure on the ordinary keyboard if you use it for your intense gaming session.

Therefore, choose a perfect gaming keyboard for a seamless gaming experience and spare your basic keyboard from all the pressure. Many websites like JW Computers provide you with a wide range of gaming keyboards at a very affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite keyboard now!

Oh, before that, don’t you feel confused as to what features you should look for while choosing the right gaming keyboard? Well, we are happy to help you with some great tips you could use to find the perfect keyboard. Let’s get started!

Keyboard size:

Gaming keyboards come in various sizes. It is important to find the right size for you. So, make sure you know the form of requirement you expect from your keyboard and buy accordingly. There are full-sized keyboards, the most common ones, TKL(Tenkeyless) keyboards, which do not have keypad or function arrows. You can also opt for 60% sized keyboards. Every keyboard has its special quality.

Mechanical Vs. Membrane:

The main difference between mechanical and membrane keyboards is their price. If you have a budget to follow, you can go for membrane keyboards. But, if the price does not matter much to you and you want an effortless gaming experience, mechanical keyboards are the one for you. It should be noted that mechanical keyboards have a good number of advantages and features over membrane keyboards.


Your gaming keyboard should have quick responsiveness. As discussed before, there are two types of gaming keyboard- mechanical and membrane. Among the two, switches in mechanical keyboards have been considered better for a good gaming experience. They have quick responsiveness, i.e., it needs little touch or press to function properly. Although these switches can be quite loud, there are many light sounded keyboards as well that you could choose from.

Wired Vs. Wireless:

Wireless gaming keyboards are very popular nowadays among gamers. It lets you have a clean gaming setup and spare you from the time of connecting it to your PC. However, you should keep in mind that wireless keyboards need to be charged. 

Keyboard Backlight:

A gamer could be playing in a space with low light or can be playing at night or the early hours of the morning; in this situation, gaming keyboards with a backlight feature is a savior. It also makes your keyboard look pretty amazing. Some gaming keyboards even allow you to customize the backlight according to your liking. So, use a keyboard with a backlight and never miss a key.


Branded things are always better, and if you’re spending your hard-earned money on buying a keyboard, why not choose the right brand? There are many brands such as Corsair, Ducky, and some others that ensure you have the best gaming experience.


Gaming keyboards come at different prices. If budget is not a matter of worry for you, it is suggested to buy the best gaming keyboard with almost every feature for a smooth gaming experience. Prices can go above $100 in some cases, while it can steep under $50 as well.


A gaming keyboard is an essential part of a gamer’s arsenal. If you invest well, you can buy the perfect keyboard in one go and keep using it without any trouble for a long period. If you are just a beginner and just want to develop your skills, you can go for cheap options as well.