When working as a freelancer, you are your own boss and there are no limitations to work from 9 to 5. Yes, its great but it could also be little bit hard for beginners to become successful freelancer as there are a lot of things to mull over when beginning the career as freelancer.

As almost anyone can freelance, it is one of the best ways in these days to make money even from home and below we have compiled a skills set that can help to become successful freelancer. Some of them might be common for you but you should not omit any of them in order to take your freelancing career to the next amazing level.

Start Small

Never ever quit your current9 to 5 job just to kick start freelancing but starting it small in terms of overtime work could be great for you.

It’s factual that you cannot replace the full-time job income in just couple of months with freelance earning so start freelancing at a small scale. Try to get most relevant jobs in your industry that you can easily accomplish in evening or during weekends.

First learn to finish your smart tasks in competent manner and then move towards large projects or jobs.

Do what you enjoy the most

Going out of your comfort zone in order to get success as freelancer could not only be hard but injurious for your career as you will be doing something that you cannot do for a long run. So always do something that you enjoy the most.

For example, if youworking as a freelance content writer, never ever offer your clients wordpress posting or editing services as it seems like some additional work beyond your expertise and will also make you uncomfortable at some levels.

Know your worth

Charging your clients for too little could one of the mistakes that you are going to do as a beginner freelancer. It is also right that charging little on start can help you secure orders easily but do your research to check what people are charging for the same job and then choose what to charge (little or too little).

After completing few of your starting jobs, raise your rates to some extent in order to get most from your freelancing efforts.

Create an appealing online portfolio

Having an impressive online presence in form of portfolio could be a plus point for you to become successful freelancer as it helps people to find and know you and your expertise on internet.

As clients always ask for recently accomplished writing work (published blog posts or articles)when hiring freelance writers, you can add all your recent writing projects in your online portfolio to create a professional impact to potential clients by showing your work in a creative manner.

Build your network

As everything is changing day by day due to latest technological advances, you need to build your network in order to stay updated regarding changing trends and techniques in your industry.

Be quick to sign up for renowned social networking platforms and regularly discuss about the things there that are changing the way to work in this digital world. You can also start your own blog relevant to your industry or niche to post latest updates regarding your expertise, changing trends in the market and informative stuff that potential clients will love to read before hiring you.

Learn to say ‘No’

Never be uncertain to say no if you are working on a big project and you are unable to deliver another one on time. You should always be comfortable with your work in order to deliver your best instead of losing the quality of your services.

It might be disappointing for some of your client but will enable you to perform the work without bearing strenuous workload.

Always get some payment in advance

Not getting paid on time might be one of the biggest issues in the freelance career but you can put it off by requiring some (or 50 %) payment in advance. But! You have to discuss the matter with your client before getting the deal finalized in order to prevent any misunderstanding in future.

Joining the well-known freelancing platforms like Upwork & Fiverr is another best way to get paid on time by clients.