With everyone having mixed opinions about vaping and e-cigarettes, it is quite confusing for most of us whether we should use Vaping devices like the Puffco Peak dab rig or not. Keeping all this in mind, we are here with all the factors that make Vaping a much better and safer alternative to smoking along with the downside to vaping as well. 

Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking 

According to several research and studies, Vaping is considered to be at least 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. Additionally, vape users get to enjoy the benefits of non-smokers which include better oral hygiene, lung capacity, an improved sense in their taste and smell, and blood circulation. This is why vaping is considered to be a safer alternative to smoking. 

No Odors And Variety Of Flavors

Another big advantage that you get from vaping is the smell that you get from its smoke. Unlike cigarettes, the smell that you get with modern vaping devices is much more pleasant and it barely noticeable. Moreover, with some vaping devices, you can even choose the fragrance that you get from the smoke making it more convenient for the users. In addition to all this, even if you use tobacco with vaping devices you won’t reek of the obnoxious smell.

Besides that, users also get to choose from tons of flavors when it comes to e-liquids. There is practically no limit on the number of flavors that are out there and new flavors are being created on a daily basis. 

Controlling Your Nicotine Intake

The next big benefit of vaping is that you get to control the amount of nicotine that you take. The E-juice that is being used in these vaping devices is available in a variety of strengths and the users do have the option of choosing the one that is completely nicotine-free as well. 

All this gives the users complete control over the nicotine intake and helps people that are trying to get rid of their nicotine addiction as they get to gradually reduce their nicotine intake over time.

The Vapor Output

For people that smoke mainly because of the smoke, vaping is clearly a far better solution with the possibility of controlling the vapors. Depending on the device that you choose, you get to enjoy the smoke output. 

You have smaller devices like pods that are designed especially for convenience while using a high-powered mod is recommended for cloud chasing. Moreover, with little adjustments in output, airflow, and power users can easily fine-tune their vapor volume. 

Satisfaction Factor

The thing that makes these vaping devices incredible is their ability to provide satisfaction to their users. Despite the minimal use of nicotine, users get the same smoking experience that is fully capable of satisfying their tobacco cravings. 

Additionally, there is no lengthy process as you just have to press the button and you will be able to start smoking easily, just changing the batteries at regular intervals of time will do the job for you. 


With a variety of devices that are available in the market, there is no need for you to buy any vaping device that doesn’t fit well within your budget. The market is full of vaping devices that are designed to cater to the needs of different users. You have disposable vapes to high-end sophisticated vapes that can be used instantly. 

Ready To Use And Easily Accessible

This takes us to our next point which is that there is no experience required for using vaping products, moreover, vaping devices are now easily available in the market. Since these vaping devices have sophisticated internal systems, users get to enjoy these devices whenever and wherever they like. 


The only downside that you experience with these vaping devices is the overwhelming range of vaping products that is available in the market. This is why choosing a vaping device for amateurs can be a daunting task. This is why users new to vaping are recommended to start with basic kits and once they get all familiar with the devices they can move onto the more advanced vaping mods. Considering all this, vaping devices are a much safer and convenient alternative to smoking.