The tech industry has ushered in several benefits and innovative ways of doing things for the world since its inception. Whether it’s the world wide web (WWW), artificial intelligence, or virtual reality in video games, no one can deny the giant strides technology has made in our world.

Today, tech innovations have helped many industries discover simpler, more convenient, and efficient ways of doing things. For instance, thanks to technology, the casino industry has now evolved from physical gambling houses to online portals where anyone can easily access their services. If you are curious about playing online casino games in the United States, you should visit for more information on the best USA online casinos available in 2022.

Despite the many simpler and more efficient ways tech innovations have provided to get things done, experts believe many people are still not fully optimizing the wide range of possibilities available to them. Are you finding it hard getting the best out of your tech gadgets? What if we told you that there are some cool tricks and hacks that can be helpful to help you fully optimize your tools?

Interestingly, all these solutions are readily available at your fingertips and don’t cost a dime. They have been lying beneath your eyes all this while, and your life would have been a lot easier if you knew about them. Thankfully, It’s never too late; you can learn them now and start utilizing them. Also, you don’t need to worry about the complexities of these hacks because they’re all super-easy for you to do all by yourself. 

  1. God Mode Allows You Full Access to Everything on Your PC

Do you think you have full access to your Windows computer? We don’t think so. The God Mode is the first cool trick you can access on your PC. This feature gives you a full option and uncensored control over your computer’s control panel. Unfortunately, the God Mode feature is only available on a Windows computer but not on the Macintosh operating system.

Furthermore, the God Mode is only a shortcut and is very easy to create on your computer. Using this shortcut, you can bypass any difficult securities. If you want to create a God Mode shortcut on your computer, either open Windows Explorer or your desktop. Then, right-click and scroll over to the “create a new folder,” copy these texts, and paste on the folder’s name.


  1. Audio and Movie Player Feature in Google Chrome

Movie and audio players are very amazing tools. They enable you to play your media documents and to do so in the most professional way. We know that there are many music and movie software that we have considered, but who would have thought that Google Chrome could come in very handy for this task? Yup!!! That’s right; we are sure you’d want to use your Chrome browser for this after now.

You must drag and drop the desired movie or audio tracks from the folder they’re stored in and onto your Google Chrome browser. There, you have it!

  1. In-Built Dictation for Writing

Many individuals complain that typing with their smartphones or tablets seems rather redundant and slow, as opposed to typing with your personal desktop computer or laptop. You can easily speed up the whole typing process and still deliver your writing professionally. The question is, how?

Built-in speech-to-text features (AI) allow you to dictate what you’re saying while your smartphone does the memo for you. Isn’t this amazing? Your own handy smart personal assistant and you don’t have to pay for extra feeding!

Most Android and iPhone keyboards provide this feature. So, if you want to send a quick text to someone, reply to a text, or search for something on Google, you can easily tap the microphone icon on your smartphone keyboard.

You can also access this cool feature on your computer by simply tapping the Windows key and ‘H’ on the keyboard. That will launch the dictation feature.

  1. Use Emoji on Your Computer

We’ve considered some nice features. How about using emojis on your computer to type, reply to emails, or chat on social media. We’re not talking about the emoji packs from social media platforms but the ones recently installed into Windows.

This can give your typing process a whole new experience — look and feel, and make you feel more excited. It’s readily available for both Windows and macOS devices. On your Windows computer, click on the emoji icon in your mail platform. This will easily open the emoji menu for you. The process is much different on macOS, as you’d need to simultaneously tap on the ctrl+command+spacebar. 

  1. Enhance Your Wi-Fi Signal 

Are you having a terrible browsing experience while surfing the internet? Are you struggling with streaming a lightweight video but finding it hard to get clear access? One of the most usual time-consuming experiences you can have is streaming a 4K video live. Usually, the most probable reason for this can be because of a faulty DNS.

If your computer is experiencing incessant slow networks, you can alternatively speed up your computer’s internet connection by changing the (DNS) Domain Name Servers. Notably, some DNS servers provide more efficient streaming than others.

  1. Unsend an Email

Have you ever sent an email to someone when you didn’t intend for that to happen? This can be embarrassing, especially if you’re doing something critical, like applying for a job.

To help fix a situation like this, Google thought it wise to incorporate the “unsend” feature to help return your mail for you to edit and resend properly. This way, you can be sure of being more effective while working.

  1. Share an Exact Point in a YouTube Video

You might be watching a YouTube video about something you find hilarious and would love to share with your friends. Before now, you’d not be able to cut through the entire video and share it with your friends.

The recent updates on YouTube provide you with extensive info about what you want to do. The feature is just beneath every video on both the YouTube mobile and online platform, and when sharing, you get a unique link for that video clip.


The tech industry has been truly impressive in its contributions to mankind. A lot of us probably don’t know that there are various functions our devices can perform apart from the generic things we use them for.

Tech tools are manufactured to make our lives easier, and while we may think our devices serve their purposes already, it will help to discover more about what they can do to fully utilize their potential. To get started, you can start with the amazing tricks and hacks provided in this article, especially those so close to your area of expertise.