Before we talk about why it’s bad for businesses to rely on third-party delivery companies, let me first say this: I understand most businesses outsource their product delivery because they don’t have the trucks or bikes to do it themselves. 

If you’re also on this table, you should know it’s now possible to buy the best mini trucks to import from Japan for as low as $3k or less. Yes, you read that correctly. With your own branded mini trucks, your business no longer has to outsource delivery. Instead, you simply DIY.

Having said all that, let’s now see why businesses should handle their own delivery.

7 reasons your business should deliver its own products

  • To give the business a new USP

Every business needs a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). It’s what sets it apart from others. 

Amongst a group of options, consumers normally make their decision based on the USP that convinces them the most. That could be free shipping, discounted coupons, cashback reward, etc.

By boldly stating that you do delivery by yourself on your website, you can win a number of prospective customers over.

  • To beat the competition

Not many small businesses today deliver their own goods. Almost everyone relies on third-party delivery companies. Although customers have kept up with the system, many aren’t entirely satisfied with it. They prefer to get their product delivered by the same company they ordered from.

By doing your own delivery yourself, you can offer customers this satisfaction. And as a result, sway many of them from your competitors to your side.

  • To build brand trust

Imagine you find out about a company online and then place an order. And then the next day, you find the company’s mini truck parked next to your home, delivering your package; how would you feel?

My guess is the level of trust and love you have for the brand will go up a level. Unlike if it was a strange third-party delivery company. 

This is how an average customer feels anytime you send their package in your branded truck.

  • To stay in control of the schedule

It’s not uncommon to see third-party delivery companies delaying orders. In fact, many a time, they are the biggest contributor to late deliveries

You ask them to deliver an order at 10 AM, and by 4 PM, you receive a call from the customer saying they haven’t gotten their package. Only to call the delivery company, and they tell you, “we’re sorry, our vehicle got into a glitch.”

This is a reality that has plagued the retail industry for far too long. Thankfully, you can beat the trend by simply doing your delivery by yourself. 

When your business is in control of delivery, it means you’re also in control of the vehicles. If a vehicle is down and a delivery can’t be made, you simply speak to the customers right away and apologize for the inconvenience rather than disappoint them.

  • To offer your customers peace of mind

Whenever I want to make an order online, I always try to ask the company whether they deliver themselves or not. You know why?

Because of instances like damages to goods, poor delivery service, late deliveries, and no-shows. If they tell me they do, then I am confident I can always hold them responsible in case of any glitch during the process. 

If they don’t, then I suddenly become skeptical about patronizing them. In my mind, I’ll be like, “what if the product got broken prior to delivery; who do I hold responsible or contact for the damage? The supplier or the third-party delivery guys?

You bet many consumers are like me, too. The best way to give your customers peace of mind is to let them know you handle everything, including doorstep delivery.

  • To boost your CRM

A good and successful business is one that doesn’t joke with customer satisfaction. When you don’t do your delivery yourself, how can you be sure your customers are satisfied with the service they got?

Since you’re not there at the point of product reception, there’s no way to tell what their first impression was or what their overall experience was like.

And without this insight, how can you serve them better?

In contrast, when you DIY deliveries, you become aware of important customer behavior, as well as many vital CRM improvements customers expect of you.

  • To protect the business from losing customers

Finally, by delivering your own products, you protect your business from losing its priceless customers. Let me explain that a little further.

Have you ever been a victim of a poor delivery experience where the company you purchased from tried to lay the blame at the feet of the third-party delivery company?

More like both companies are passing you to each other. Yeah, some customers actually go through this.

Even if they do resolve the issue for you, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever return to patronize that company again. And just like that, they’ve lost a customer.

The only way to avoid scenarios like these is to just deliver your own products.