“Customer is the King.”

The above quote holds a great significance in today’s competitive epoch. Businesses those who valued their customer more than anything else are likely to touch the zenith at a greater pace.  However, doing so is one of the most tedious jobs that one can do.

Regardless of the size of your business, you need to pay attention to what your customers want, how to deliver customized or apt service, timely deliverance and stay connected with them at each step. This is a lot of work. Isn’t?

To increase your distress, today’s generation of customers is highly proactive and very smart. They are very picky about their choices and want the best return on each penny spent.  With such a scenario, businesses struggle hard to meet up to the expectations of their existing and prospective customers.

Well, CRM or Customer Relationship Management software brings a great relief for them.

What exactly CRM software is?

In plain words, CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a diligently designed tool that helps businesses of all the sizes to communicate with customers, find out the loopholes in the services offered and provided the remedial solutions.  It is a basically a suite of well-integrated features that help you to save the customer data over a single place, allows your team to communicate with the customers by all means and leverage the customer satisfaction by creating loyalty programs and coupon codes.

Why your sales team should also use it?

It is one of the most common perceptions that the CRM system should be used by your front desk or customer relationship team only. The sales team has no connection with CRM. But, it is totally wrong, at least in today’s era.  Due to this wrong notion only, very few sales persons know the true potential of a CRM tool. Businesses that merge Sales and CRM together are likely to climb up the success ladder easily and quickly.

Here are our top seven reasons why the sales team should start implementing a CRM system.

  • Who doesn’t like enhanced productivity?

Well, high productivity of its sales team is the only thing that businesses seek the most.  As the sales team is the main resource that leverages the revenue generation process, it is very essential that it is delivering its best.

Studies across the world have confirmed that when a sales team uses the CRM system its productivity increases by manifold. Businesses can experience a surge of around 34% in their sales team productivity after using CRM. Wondering how it happens? Here is the answer.

When your sales team is using a CRM system, it will be able to get access to data easily. The easy and safe data storage over cloud space helps them to get any detail quickly and accurately.   If we go by the numbers, 74% of sales professionals have admitted that using CRM has helped them to have quick and safe data access.  That easy access is what helped them to improve their productivity.

As the automated CRM system helps you to enter the data, prepare the sales reports and do the sales analysis promptly and accurately, your sales team not only perform better but also saves a lot of time.

  • Who doesn’t wants to have easy communication?

The sales team has to be in touch with various other business components around the clock to promote the services accordingly. The need for constant and effective communication is applicable in case of customers as well.  Some of the automated CRM software comes with mobile app support as well. This tool allows them to send/receive the sales emails, SMS, and calls at any point in time. This small help makes a great impact on your sales figures in long run.

  • Who doesn’t want to stay organized?

Well, an organized and well-managed operation is the dream of every sales team. From start to finish, the automated CRM system helps your sales team to stay organized and managed. They can easily manage the sales leads, tag the contacts as per the category, and prepare sales reports using the automated reporting tools.

  • Who doesn’t want accurate sales predictions?

One of the most tedious jobs that your sales team has to do is to do accurate sales predictions.   This task demands a lot of brainstorming and efforts.  After paying due diligence as well, the majority of the sales team fails to do right prediction thus face a downfall.

However, using the automated CRM system make it happens without many efforts.  A report suggested that by using a CRM system, a sales team can increase its sales forecast accuracy by 42%. The number is pretty impressive.

Sales representatives can do market trend analysis, get the insights of various on-going trends and do through and accurate predictions by using the Sales Forecasting, Reporting and Analysis features of a CRM system.

  • Who doesn’t want to achieve their sales quota?

One of the most prominent benchmark to analysis the productivity of your sales team is to check whether they are achieving their sales quota or not.  It has been found that more 24% sales representative were able to accomplish annual sales quota of there by using the mobile CRM.

As automated CRM help them to manage the leads intelligently, do accurate sales predictions and contact the clients in a more impressive manner, they are likely to achieve their annual sales quota easily.

  • Who doesn’t want to earn the incentives?

As the above point mentioned that by using the automated CRM system sales team are likely to achieve their sales target more, your sales team will earn more incentives and perks. Incentives are a part of Sales team workflow. It acts as a motivation factor and sales representative goes an extra mile to earn it.

With automation of every task and accurate sales prediction, achieving sales quota is easy. Henceforth, they can easily bag great incentives.

  • Who doesn’t want to retain the customers?

The customer is the real asset, you every sales team.  It is very important that your sales team should retain the existing customers diligently and timely. With the help of automated CRM, your sales team can easily get insights into your customer needs, contact them through various manners, track the progress of a particular lead and automate customer on-boarding. All these activities play an important role to improve customer retention and satisfaction and here is the proof:

A total of 47% of CRM users admitted that the CRM system has helped them to improve their customer satisfaction and retention percentage.

CRM is one such tool that will improve your sales figures, team productivity, and customer satisfaction with equal ease and effectiveness provided you implement it right. So, empower your sales team with CRM and witness a remarkable improvement in all the sections.

About The Author:

Siddhata is a professional writer who has a keen interest in generating offbeat content at CompanyHub.