We’ve been using Typeform for several years now. But after a point, we have decided to look beyond since we were also investing in different tools and delivery channels to meet our requirements.

And like any human being, I searched on Google for the best Typeform alternatives. Got to hand it to Typeform for their creativity! 🙂

Skipping the paid results, I came across a blog on the Top 10 Typeform Alternatives and decided to try out most of the alternatives mentioned in it. 

Out of all these tools that I had signed up with, one called SurveySparrow caught my attention. No sooner had I created my account, than I received a call from a member of their support team. She had explained that SurveySparrow is an end-to-end conversational experience management platform, and had given me a detailed walkthrough of how it works and all of its capabilities. I was pleasantly surprised to see the features the platform had to offer, but what impressed me more was how swiftly they’d reached out. This was new because I had never experienced this with the other survey platforms. And, that is how I decided to give SurveySparrow a try. 

Typeform and SurveySparrow are both fantastic and interactive survey platforms with endless possibilities. But why switch from one to the other? 

Typeform is well-known for its beautifully designed, professional-looking online forms based on user needs. But still, when it comes to an end-to-end survey solution, there are a few areas where SurveySparrow delivers better.

Here Are 7 Conclusive Reasons Why I Switched To SurveySparrow From Typeform: 

1. Not Just A Pretty Tool

Both SurveySparrow and Typeform help users to create beautiful, engaging surveys. However, SurveySparrow has got much more to offer. The platform offers a variety of features such as workflows to automate recurring activities, white-labeling to brand your surveys, and sub-accounts for managing multiple accounts under a parent one…to name a few!

2. In-built NPS Module

The simplest way to know if customers like your brand and have loved the experience they had with you is by measuring customer loyalty using NPS. Typeform does have an NPS template; however, when it comes to customers and their brand perception, it’s wiser to go ahead with a tool that’s dedicated to measuring customer loyalty and brand advocacy. 

In addition to conversational surveys, SurveySparrow has an NPS platform for organizations of any size. SurveySparrow claims that they not only let you measure customer loyalty but also allow you to capture customer sentiment by analyzing the open-ended NPS follow-up question using a word cloud and sentiment analysis. Also, the platform helps you close the feedback loop for every customer using additional features like NPS Trends and Email Workflows.

3. Offline Data Collection 

Typeform mentions that there’s no “offline mode” for data collection i.e., you always need an active internet connection. Therefore, it may not be an all-rounder solution if you are stepping out for remote data collection. For instance, imagine you are working with volunteers and need to show them how to administer the survey on the spot or for setting up a kiosk or terminal for the same. In such a case, you’ll need a tool that helps you go ‘internet-free’! 

SurveySparrow offers an Offline Survey App, which allows users to collect feedback without the internet. The offline survey tool comes with a clean and simple interface that’s quick to set-up and easy to manage by anyone. 

4. Multiple Survey-Sharing Channels 

Creating a highly engaging survey is one thing, but without the right reach, it can be difficult to gain valuable feedback. Typeform does offer sharing channels but SurveySparrow offers a wider variety of distribution options including Email shares, SMS, QR Code, Social media share, Weblink, Embed option, Slack, etc. Their mobile-friendly surveys enable respondents to take the survey anywhere, at their convenience.

5. Advanced Reports & Analysis

Typeform creates auto-generated reports once feedback is collected and does a fair job with it. However, with SurveySparrow’s reporting module, you can view a graphical representation of survey results, use advanced filters to segment survey data, schedule your reports to your inbox, cross-tabulate responses, and export survey results. 

Also, I’ve been told their NPS platform’s reporting module comes in-built with a custom dashboard, sentiment analysis, and word cloud.

6. Data Center Of Your Choice

Both Typeform and SurveySparrow by default are hosted on the US data center. However, SurveySparrow offers EU data-hosting options as well for advanced compliance requirements. The platform also offers advanced security features like IP whitelisting, Custom SSL, data encryption, and Single Sign-On.

7. Round-The-Clock Customer Support

Customer Support is as important, if not more than every other aspect of a fully functioning business. For its Premium customers, Typeform offers customer support. Getting in touch with a customer agent is not easy, otherwise. With SurveySparrow, I have experienced 24/7 phone support in addition to chat & email support. And, this is available for all customers.