With COVID-19 shutting down much of American commerce for a good portion of the year, both large and small businesses were blindsided by the imposed changes that came our way.

We’ve gone from “no shirt, no shoes, no service” to “no service… period.” This year has left us with no choice but to roll up our shirt sleeves, get creative, and figure out how to stay afloat–at a time when all of our ship guests are locked up in their secure little staterooms. Thank goodness for the internet–that has been a lifeline for many of us who are wanting to remain connected to the outside world and generate both social connections and a living at the same time. Let’s take a look at some of the more innovative marketing campaigns being used right now to weather the storm. Keep these in your toolbox in case another round of this comes along in the next year:

“New And Improved Hours”

With many businesses being shut down entirely for several months, making an announcement that you are back in business and adjusting to new hours may seem simplistic.  However, it’s an essential piece of communication between you and your customers. Keep them regularly informed of any changes to your schedule, and offer additional ways to contact you if they want more of your stellar offerings.

Hot Sales And Incentives

Everyone that is running a business, online or otherwise, is offering specialized services and promotions right now to drum up some business. Get the word out as you think creatively about what you can offer of value to your customers. Be ready and willing to tie some extras on with every purchase so that you can create more loyal customers.

Social Media Blowouts

With everyone spending more time on the internet and social media these days, it makes sense to capitalize on this extra face time with some fantastic social media campaigns. It takes very little time to set up accounts with media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Still, the long-reaching effects of a useful post will come back to you for months after a campaign rolls out. Add hyperlinks and a call to action, and you’ve found yourself a low cost, high return form of advertising.

Hired Ad Agencies

If conceptualizing an ad campaign is not something you have a natural talent for, you might want to consider hiring out some talent. Work with an ad creative agency, and watch the magic happen as you free your mind and your time to concentrate on big picture items.

Update Your Blog Posts

A blog is a very consistent way to increase traffic to your website. Through strategic keywords, quality content, and incentives that hyperlink to your sales page, you can keep customers returning for more. Regularly posting content can drive you higher in search engine pages, and everyone knows that greater visibility equals more sales.

Free Video Tutorials With Purchase

Connecting with your audience via a short video or tutorial can make a significant impression on them. If you add videos and tutorials to your website, explaining how to best use your products and services, you can establish yourself as an industry expert, trustworthy and reliable. Build that trust between you and your customer; it is one way to create a lasting, profitable relationship. (In fact, here’s a tutorial video about how to make tutorial videos.)

New Products To Reflect The Changing Times

You’ve likely heard of several companies that responded to the demand for personal protective equipment by switching their production from regular products and services to face masks, hand sanitizer, and the like. If you run a business in the health and wellness industry, how seamless would this addition be? Looking for ways to capitalize on the demand for products while providing value to your customers will show that you are adaptable and willing to do what it takes to serve them.

It’s Not Over!

With uncertain times ahead of us, we have two choices: We can operate as we have before and see loss, or we can adapt with the times, employ new marketing techniques, and watch the magic happen. Stay focused and remain flexible; we will weather the storm together.