If you are planning to launch a mobile app or eCommerce websites in the market, it is essential to perform software testing services before launching in the market so that there is no compromise on different vital parameters like mobile responsiveness, user experience, and security in transaction, faster load time, data security of the consumers, mobile responsiveness.

As you gain success in releasing the software in the market without any bugs or flaws, you will be capable of giving an enjoyable and amazing user experience to the customers.

Testing Is Vital For The Success Of Your eCommerce App

eCommerce apps are known to have a wide array of potential audience from various parts of the globe as they deal with retail, wholesale, marketing, finance, auctions, and manufacturing. Apart from this, the global eCommerce industry has witnessed an immense growth and success in the last few years. 

According to statistics, ecommerce industry is worth more than two hundred trillion dollars. Business firms should provide more priority to test the mobile app and the eCommerce websites and make it an integral part of the development of eCommerce websites.

Instances of failure of eCommerce apps are known and it is possible to avoid such failures by the implementation of the effective and better techniques for testing. The ultimate motive of testing an eCommerce app is checking the usability of the specific app, the user-friendliness and making the app or website free from errors and flaws.

With software testing (qa), it is possible to maintain the standards of Quality assurance for showing commitment in order to deliver a quality product to your targeted audience. Here is a list of the important things; you need to test in the mobile apps and eCommerce websites:

Testing The Functionality Of The eCommerce App

A mobile app or eCommerce website is known to have four crucial elements in the structure which include

Main Pages

The main pages of the mobile app or eCommerce website which should go undergo testing include About Us page, Home Page, Sitemap pages, Special Offers, Product page, Release page, Privacy policy page, to name a few.

Product Description Page

Here you need to test the product images, description, product title, Add to Cart feature, additional product info, product images, etc.

In addition to this, you also need to test the Product Type or Category Pages and the shopping cart of the app.

Testing Of The eCommerce App Workflow

The testing of the workflow of the mobile app or eCommerce web comprises of search functionality, Signup and Login options, Sorting feature, Product review posting feature, checking out process, Adding and removing functionality in the shopping cart, Application of filters to select a certain product, generation of invoice, order number, check out process, processing of payment, payment gateway.

Functionality Of Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is another vital functionality that you need to test in the eCommerce app or website. You require performing several tests in order to make sure that it is functioning in a proper manner and is offering security at the time of performing online transactions. Here is a list of the payment and checkout processes which should be tested in an eCommerce app:

You require checking whether the price of the product is correct, the VAT, shipping charge, whether all the discount codes have been applied, and the price which the end user needs to pay is as per the product.

 It is also essential to test all the payment process that can be achieved by the application of various discount coupon codes, alterations in the final list of the products, selecting a varied region for noticing the change in every shipping charge. You also need to check if all the payment has been processed in a correct way, check if the email ID and invoice has been generated once the payment is done.

Vulnerability Assessment And Performance Security

As the eCommerce apps and websites hold a plethora of valuable information, it is essential to perform security checking with an eye to checking the vulnerability and security issues. You require using various testing processes such as payment gateway, SQL injections, Register, ethical hacks on the sign in, and different pages.

Checking Out The Compatibility With Various Web Browsers

It is essential for various eCommerce apps to work on various kinds of web browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome. You require testing the browser compatibility of the certain app for ensuring that the potential customers will gain success in using the mobile app or eCommerce websites, you have developed without encountering any difficulties.

Test The App Or Website For Mobile Responsiveness

At present, mobile devices and smart phones have gained high popularity over the desktop platforms with regards to the internet usages. Business organizations are adopting a mobile first approach while developing an eCommerce website or app. Hence, it is essential to perform testing of the responsive design of the app or website in the mobile devices of different screen sizes.

Checking For Performance And Different SEO Related Things

Another crucial thing that you need to find in eCommerce testing is monitoring the performance of the app and website. You require performing performance testing on various parameters like throughout, loading speed of the webpage, efficiency, and data transfer rate, performance of database, uptime, error messages, and load tolerance.

It is essential to ensure that your eCommerce website or app is having a higher visibility in the prominent pages of search engine so that your website gets a higher amount of traffic flow in the website.

 This can be achieved by the implementation of search engine optimization on your site. It is essential to test whether the SEO strategies like Meta descriptions, title tags, image alt tags, and URL structure are implemented in a proper manner.

The success of the mobile application or eCommerce websites are dependent on the right functioning of the above mentioned parameters. With the testing of the eCommerce app, you need to ensure that they do not have any bugs, errors, or flaws in it.