If you are beginning the journey of life as a digital nomad, you’ll want to know that the life is a bit chaotic. You are constantly trying to find Wifi to connect to, outlets to charge up and places to work, but don’t worry because these simple gadgets will take your stress away and allow you to work from virtually any location with ease!

1. Skyroam Mobile Hotspot

The easiest way to have Wifi connection wherever you go! This little device has connection in more than 100 countries all around the world. No hidden fees or crazy monthly bills, this hotspot will give you unlimited internet access. You will be able to connect up to 5 devices all at once, and it’s just $8 a day. So, you can turn it off for the week while you unplug and explore, and then turn it back on when it’s time to work. No more paying for Wi-Fi that you haven’t used! It’s an amazing thing for digital nomads to take advantage of if they want guaranteed unlimited connection wherever they go!

2. Universal Charger Adapter

The struggle of landing in a new place overseas is that you are forever on a hunt for charging adapters before all of your electronics die. I made this mistake and once went a whole day with no batteries in the camera, laptop and phone, and it was a nightmare.

The worst part is, once you finally find an adapter, you have to pay some ridiculous price for it! Well, say no more to that, and go ahead and get yourself a universal adapter that will save you plenty of time and money at the end of the day!

Universal adapters come with all sorts features. When it comes to traveling and being away from a stable source of power for a long duration of time, you’re going to want a portable charger with lots of mAh, which is power capacity. Another thing is that you’re going to want a charger that is using USB-C Power Delivery. This is especially true if you own a USB-C smartphone, and also a have a USB-C laptop. This is because you can use the same for both

One other part where USB-C has become helpful is Apple’s USB-C iPad Pro that was released back in 2018. This is a valuable turning point for both the standard of Type-C and Apple, as they’re a brand that has always stuck to their Lightning port.

3. Laptop Stand

For all of the digital nomads who bring their home on wheels everywhere you go, a laptop stand is what you have been missing in your life. A laptop stand is perfect for those days where you just want to work from bed, and all you have to do on your agenda is research on why explainer videos drive the most traffic on squareship.

The great thing about some laptop stands is that they can double as breakfast trays! So, before your big day of work in your pajamas, you can start your day right and treat yourself with a good old fashioned, breakfast in bed.

4. Solar Powered Backpack

This is a next-level digital nomad gadget. It can charge all of your electronics while they sit on your backpack, and it gathers the sun’s rays for power. You can bring your backpack to the beach and spend all day working there without having to worry about a dead battery. You can charge up anywhere and you can stop stressing about finding the nearest outlet! There are solar packs that are more suited for backpacking and adventuring, or some that are more suited for work and travel, find which ultimate battery backpack is right for you.

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

As a digital nomad, you may find yourself having to work in rather peculiar places at times. In a rowdy bar, a crowded coffee shop, or even on busy side streets. Noise cancelling headphones allow you to block out the chaos, and zone into your personal office space, no matter how loud or crazy the world around you is!

6. Portable Coffee Maker

Let’s be honest, does anyone ever really get any work done without a cup of coffee? Portable coffee makers are beginning to enter the world of coffee business and have done an impressive job so far! MoJoe cup is a single serve coffee maker that makes the hot coffee inside the travel cup you are drinking out of. All you need is water, coffee and a little bit of power. You can have the mug ready for the next day with the brewer’s self-clean mode. You don’t even have to pour in hot water, because the MoJoe will heat the water to any temperature! These simple products are changing the game for caffeine on the go!

7. Google Drive Storage

Did you know if you have a Gmail account, you have free access to 15 GB of cloud storage on your Google drive? And just for $1.99 month you can upgrade that storage to 100Gb of cloud storage! You can even upgrade to 1T of storage for just $9.99 a month. How ever much or little storage you need, Google Drive is a great place to store it. You can always have access to your documents, notes and resumes all in one place, secured.

No more losing flash drives, forgetting to save Word documents, or losing your work when your laptop dies. You can access your Google Drive from any computer as long as you know your email address and password.

The most important thing about having proper storage is that you never know what can happen on the road. Your laptop could get stolen or suddenly break. Don’t take the risk of losing your work.


Working from the road can feel extremely hectic and disorganized, but if you have the right tools, you can work from anywhere with ease. You can stay connected with SkyRoam, stay charged with universal adapters and solar backpacks, stay focused with noise cancelling headphones, stay comfortable while you work in bed with a laptop stand and most importantly – you stay caffeinated with portable coffee maker.

Now you have the tools to work in remote locations, or the comfort of your own bed. There is nothing better than getting to make money doing what you love, while getting to see the world at the same time. Get out there and explore!