Many people, especially creative individuals, dream of working remotely, preferably somewhere in the open air with a beautiful view or in an apartment with panoramic windows. Everyone is aware of the advantages of this way of working; sometimes they completely overshadow the shortcomings that a person can face. Some people achieve this goal with ease, some of them have to sacrifice something. But is it really that good and effective to work at home instead of office or coworking places?

There are more pluses indeed, and one of the most important drawbacks can be taken out of all the shortcomings: a constant desire to distract and engage in anything but work. Especially if you are a creative person: an artist or a musician. Usually, such people can cling to one detail and create a masterpiece, and sometimes these details are utterly confusing, and this causes a lot of negative emotions, not to mention the incomplete picture or musical composition in time.

And if an ordinary freelancer, an office worker, for the most part, does not care what light falls out of the window, what sounds his computer makes, for an artist any thing can be the last straw, and there are no trifles here. How to make working at home comfortable and effective? Is it even possible? Everything in our life is possible with the right approach to business. We bring to your attention seven tips to help you with this.

1. Workplace 

Find a secluded spot at home where you can organize a comfortable workplace. It is desirable that this is a room which you can close not to hear sounds from the kitchen or bathroom. Make confident that you have enough light and space for the desired movements. Is it quiet enough? Do you have all the necessary equipment and tools for work? Everything should be at arm’s length.

There should be creative minimalism in the interior, that is why throw out all the distracting details ruthlessly, like pictures on the wall and excess furniture, especially the sofas, which attract your attention and ask to lie down and relax for a minute. A comfortable chair or armchair is enough for you.

2. Special ritual

Think about it and find a few things and actions that set you up for work. Your favorite drink, like tea or coffee, might be a helping hand. Do you have any music with the help of which you can get in the mood? If you are an artist, you can take your time before work and lay out your brushes preparing them for use. Everyone has something special. There are no right and wrong answers. Find what serves you as preparation before a fruitful day and do it every time to immerse yourself in the fascinating atmosphere and gain inspiration.

3. Productive time 

Everyone can tell at what time of the day he is working easier. If you have not figured it out yet, then experiment. Work early in the morning, at lunchtime, in the evening and at night and make a decision. If you rely on the data of scientists, the most productive time is from 4 to 6 in the morning. Provided full sleep and nutrition, during these hours your body and brain will allow you to achieve great success. Some still need time to get enough sleep before lunch, do some housekeeping tasks and only then, fully awoken, start working.

4. Irritants

Have you ever come to check out the news feed in the social network for one minute and log out in 3 hours? Or have you answered the call, expecting to receive valuable information, and instead chatted with your friend until the evening? Sometimes we surf the Internet without any need and purpose, spending an awful lot of time and effort on it, which affects our productivity and motivation. Turn off all the gadgets for 4 hours. Nothing very important will happen, you can catch up with it during the break. Time is money; you shouldn’t forget about it.

5. Private space 

If you do not live alone, your family or roommates might become another irritant. They may want to share the news with you or offer you lunch, absolutely without a second thought, with good intentions. But you forget which note you had wanted to record or what detail to add to the canvas. To avoid scandals, just talk. Explain that you appreciate their relationships, but any word can throw you off, and it hinders you. They should have the idea that this room is your office. Despite the fact that he is a step away from them, this does not mean that they have the right to come into your office during working hours. Before, after and during the break you can discuss anything they would like, but not at the time.

6. Sleep 

Never neglect sleep. Creative people can easily get carried away by the process and not notice that it’s already a deep night. Muse is also a capricious young lady, and you should always take advantage of the moment when she deigns to treat you to her attention. But you do not have to turn a lack of sleep into the habit. Thus, you will break not only your schedule of productive work but also undermine your health. 7-9 hours of sleep should always be one of your priorities. Then you will always have a surge of strength and energy, not the thought that your eyes are closing.

7. Take Advantage 

If you have already tried all of our pieces of advice and still cannot tune into a working mood – let it go. Change of scenery, go for a walk, have a snack and make yourself a delicious coffee, admire the nature in the nearest park. Whatever you want. You left the stuffy office to have such an opportunity, to be freer in your working process. It’s foolish to abandon the benefits. It would be more expedient to allocate for this some specific amount of time and return to work not later than the scheduled time because this way you cultivate laziness.

We have not raised the issue of motivation, because you do things you really love, and it is only about organizing yourself and your work process. It will come in handy if you find a person whose opinion is very important to you. You will be able to share completed projects with him or her and you will want to surprise this person as soon as possible. You will work with even more enthusiasm.

Do not forget to combine work and rest. Do not have to work up and chase after exhausted state. Communicate with people, because despite the fact that you make art, a person is a social being and he needs some time in the company of their kind from time to time. You are lucky, who became stronger than the system and broke out of the clutches of commonly accepted rules. Enjoy it and have fun.