Nowadays, people are preferring small houses over big ones. They have valid reasons to do that. With less space, you have less area to clean and lesser to maintain. Small places compel us to store only things that are multi-functional instead of a dozen of items that can only be used in years.

Apart from that, the increasing population has made it harder for people to find big homes in the overcrowded cities. Does that mean we should be forced to feel like we live in a box? Not at all!

Even with a small space, you can use certain tips and tricks to create an illusion of greater space. But by committing some mistakes, you can work in reverse and make your space look smaller than it already is. To save you from the blunder, we have mentioned the 7 design mistakes you shouldn’t make with small spaces –

  1. Painting the walls with dark colors

Want your small house to lack dimension and look like a small hole? Then paint it with dark colors. If not, just go with bright or light tone colors that give the illusion of free space.

If you are a big fan of dark colors and really want it on your walls, a small house should not stop you from doing that. You can paint dark colors on one of the walls. Then, splash some light colors on the other walls but don’t forget to coordinate it with the dark color.

  1. Crowding the rooms with items

Filling each and every corner of your rooms with personal items, furniture, accessories or decorations means making it look crowded and smaller.

Placing too much in a room can not only make it overcrowded but can also make a big room look tiny. Thus, keep only those items that you really need or use on a day-to-day basis. 

  1. Choosing wrong furniture

The other mistake that people commit when decorating their small space is choosing the wrong furniture. No one wants to spend their quality time on a stiff couch.

But that doesn’t justify buying a huge sofa with huge rolled arms. Instead, choose a kind of furniture that is comfortable yet functional and visually appealing. Invest in furniture from stores like Amart Furniture Stores as they offer a vast range of options ensuring quality and durability.

  1. Zero efforts for letting natural light sneak in

Imagine walking in a house that has no trace of natural light… space will obviously look small! Natural light can add charm to your dull space.

If access to natural light is not possible in your small area, you can still fill your space with brightness by artificial lights. Decorative light bulbs also add to the aesthetic of a space.

  1. Using white or off-white colors for molding

It doesn’t take an interior designer to answer what’s the traditional color of molding… everyone knows the answer – it’s white or off white. But this contrast is one of the mistakes that can make your space look smaller.

What you can do is to choose the same color, or a tone slightly different from the tone of the walls, and use it for molding. This gives the illusion of large walls and a big space.

  1. Failure in proper use of windows and curtains

You can notice in most of the houses that the curtains are positioned just where the window starts. It’s the most common way to hang curtains and people think it makes space look smaller which is obviously true.

On the other side, leaving the windows unattended is not a good idea either. What you can do is to hang the rod right under the ceiling and hang your curtains there. This will give the illusion of accentuated ceiling height.

  1. Not decluttering the house

It is advised to declutter your house as frequently as possible. You can also appoint 10 minutes of your day, especially for this task. These 10 minutes can work wonders in changing the whole look of your house.

Over to you…

Go Downsize estimates that there are nearly 10,000 tiny houses in only North America and 700 such houses are built yearly from certified builders. In such a scenario, it becomes clear that small houses are no longer undesirable. Infact, by avoiding these 7 mistakes, you can have the home of dreams even with a small space.