Though MP4 is the most widely used video format for most software and platforms, MOV is the one you need for the Apple devices. Basically, a file having an MOV extension is the Apple QuickTime Movie file that remains stored in the QTFF (QuickTime File Format) container file.

MOV files store text, video, and audio in the same file, but through different tracks. The tracks can also lead to data stored somewhere else in other files. Apple devices like iPads and iPhones are where you commonly see MOV files as that is the default format of video recording for those devices.

Here is a brief comparison between MP4 and MOV formats for your better understanding:

ExtensionISO standard format with .mp4 extensionISO standard format with .mov extension
Data streamUtilizes MPEG-4 presentations, which are merged in an index called MPEG-4 BIFUtilizes a track system on the contents, and the tracks make up the MOV video
MetadataEasy to encapsulate metadata that consists of titles, subtitles, synopsis, and moreAnnotations and tags over the album, artists, and so on
AdvantageUniversal format that runs on all devicesA reliable format for the Apple devices
DisadvantageNot a good choice for Apple devicesNot too compressible 

Top three qualities to look for in a video converter software

The right video converter needs to have the three qualities given below:

The number of formats supported: Any good video converter in the market supports multiple formats. After all, mp4 to mov is not the only thing you’ll need, if you work with videos professionally.

The speed and the quality: No one has the time or energy to sit for hours just to convert one video. On the other hand, in a bid to have a quicker conversion time, the software should take care not to have any quality loss.

Video editing features: Video editing features are the add-ons that make a software more useful to you. Any software that can both edit and convert videos is like a one-stop solution.

7 best softwares for MP4 to MOV conversion

1. Wondershare UniConverter

UniConverter is your best bet when trying to convert MP4 files to MOV. It ticks all the boxes, right from supporting over a thousand formats, having 30 times faster conversion rate, to a host of useful video editing tools.

Here are the simple steps to convert MP4 to MOV using UniConverter:

1) Download and open UniConverter on PC/Mac

Download and install Uniconverter on your Windows PC or Mac, and open the software to get started.

2) Add the MP4 file to be converted

On the ‘Convert’ page, drag or add the MP4 file that has to be converted to MOV.

3) Choose MOV for the output format

Click on ‘Video’ to find ‘MOV.’ Select a resolution as per your liking.

4) Start the conversion

Click on ‘Convert’ to start the conversion. You can also queue the files to convert them one by one.

2. Aimersoft

Aimersoft supports over 250 video formats for conversion, and allows you to rip DVD in all formats. It also comes with a number of video editing options.


User-friendly interface and fast pace


Difficulties with batch conversions

3. WinX Converter Deluxe

Converting HD and regular videos to a number of formats has been made really easy by this software. You also get cool editing features like cropping, trimming, merging, adding subtitle, and more.


Video editing features


Takes too long to load

4. ImTOO Converter

The software converts formats supported from all the DVs, including MOV. Other useful features you get with this are 3D video convertor, general video convertor, and video joiner and video clipper.


Customize and split by adjusting major video parameters


Does not support all video formats

5. Prism Converter

Prism is a free open-source video converter that is easy to use. You can set resolutions, encoder or compression rates easily as per your need.


Intuitive interface for easy editing


Difficulties with batch conversions

6. Xilisoft UniConverter

Xilisoft can convert more than 160 audio and video formats. In fact, it even converts 2D videos into 3D, and the speed it offers is really impressive.


Supports all video file formats


It is a bit hard to use

7. YouConvertIt

It’s a free online converter that converts videos, audio, documents, and images. It already supports all the major formats, and the company is trying to add more.


No software installation needed


Need to submit email ID for file conversion


So, now you have all the information you need to effectively convert MP4 files to MOV. Make sure to check out this link for more tricks and tips on video conversions.