The first step of a tech company in its nascent stage is to make it visible to the outer world so that people can have a clear overview. They will become aware of what you are offering.

Video marketing has gained incredible popularity as the viewers can see the product from all angles and know how it works, which is not possible through still images. Thus it attracts more organic traffic that, in turn, helps to increase revenue.

To have a worthy product or service is not enough for running a business smoothly. Marketing strategy is the key. You need to select the right marketing tools to reach more audiences. Since we are living in the digital era, digital marketing is the new trend that is entirely different from the traditional way of marketing.

Video marketing has become immensely popular because it can engage the viewers through its simple content. People can quickly memorize the content of the advertisement due to the visual medium.

You can also explain a complex concept only with the help of a YouTube video editor for your YouTube video content through a compelling story. There are so many advantages of video marketing for new tech start-ups to create brand awareness and grow sales faster.

Let us discuss such 7 significant benefits in this blog that the new entrepreneurs might find useful.

1. Growth of revenue

Increasing the revenue is the ultimate goal of any business, and this will become easier if you stress on creating engaging videos about your products, services, new launches, and other information associated with it. Marketers are using crisp visuals for advertising and observing rapid growth in revenue in comparison to other strategies.

2. People get a clear idea.

The viewers prefer videos over blog posts, social media images, newsletters, emails, and other text formats because they can have a better understanding of your brand when they intend to buy something.

The videos allow the customers to compare similar products of different companies and finally choose the most suitable one.

The consumers follow various methods to choose the best one from ample options. Sometimes they take help from the search engine to read reviews and of the real customers. They also visit the company’s official website to know more about the product and the brand by navigating different sections.

They watch videos and read the customers’ feedback. You can customize the contents with a YouTube video editor each for other items; it would help convince the target customers.

Along with product-related videos, the payment procedure, replacement, or return system will also create a better chance of increasing sales.

3. Rank higher in search engine results

Compelling video sometimes even becomes the key factor in improving the search result ranking. Engaging videos attract more traffic resulting in visibility to more viewers.

An individual spends time on your page after opening it from Google search result, impacting Google ranking. If more people come to your page and spend more time, the ranking will go higher.

And meaningful video content has every possibility to increase the search rank dramatically. This is the primary reason the marketers are investing more time, money, and energy in creating impactful visual content for the brand they are working for.

4. Helpful for decision making

The majority of the customers admit that product videos are vital to get a detailed description of it, which influences their decisions about making the purchase. After watching the video clips, they proceed to the next step towards buying if they get satisfied.

The marketing professionals also say that video helps the users understand the product or service better, which leads to a great percentage of them to end up buying.

5. Reach out to the ultimate decision-makers

Irrespective of business to business or business to customer product or service, video marketing has a tremendous effect. When an individual thinks of buying anything, he spends a considerable amount of time in related videos to select exactly what he wants. After watching several videos on product description, functionality, and customer feedback, he comes to a decision finally.

Similarly, for B2B, the business executives spend a fair amount of time watching work related videos. And they agree that this is the preferred medium to spend time and ultimately make a decision. When both text and video content appear on the search result page for the same topic, they usually open the latter.

6. More backlinks and higher click rates

If you embed a video into your social media page or blog post, it is more likely that the average number of links will boost up massively. This is why the video users get much higher clicks to their links compared to the text or image users.

In addition to this, if you incorporate a video on a landing page, it will increase certain views.

7. Boost up email and social media marketing

You will be surprised to know that just by including the word ‘video’ in the subject line, you can increase the email-open rate to a great extent. It also helps to increase subscribers to your brand community. On the whole, video plays a vital role in email marketing too.

InVideo is a highly recommended video editing tool in creating brand awareness for a start-up. Through a social media video post, you can reach out to your community members. If some of them like your post and share it on their pages, it will help spread the brand wider. Thus you will notice more traffic to your post and website.


If you become successful in creating content which the viewers enjoy and find useful, they will consider sharing it in their circles. You should be open to accepting negative reviews as well.

This will help you produce better videos in terms of quality and content. Consider their suggestions while creating the next videos and reaching out to more viewers.