If you want to rank on the first page of Google, you need to have compelling content that is valuable and links that will pass PageRank authority to shoot your site up the organic search results. Webmasters are finding it challenging to acquire dofollow links that will actually make an impact on a site’s organic search rankings. Google wants webmasters to acquire links naturally and to abide by its terms of service by not engaging in link schemes that will manipulate its search engine. But in order to gain links, webmasters still need to promote their site in a way that will allow them to earn links naturally.

Link building agency Digital Next engages in numerous link building strategies and Branch Manager Nathan Elly recommends businesses to engage in the following.

1. Publish guest blog posts on relevant sites in your industry.

Guest blogging is a great way to expose your web offering to communities that hang out on other websites. You can reach out and see if you can contribute to blogs, news sites, online magazines or online journals. Typically, they will grant you a link in the form of an author bio or hyperlink within the content.


It’s important that you publish your content on sites that provide value and that aren’t built solely for SEO purposes. A successful guest blogging campaign will earn your site more links, traffic and organic search improvements.

2. Reach out to your suppliers to offer them a testimonial.

If you have a relationship with a supplier, you can provide them with a testimonial or review that they can publish on their website. Target suppliers that are know to link back to businesses on their testimonial pages. These pages tend to have quite a bit of authority, which will be passed onto your own site. Sometimes, the testimonial appears on their homepage, which should provide the biggest impact to your site’s organic search rankings.

3. Contribute to resource pages.

If your site publishes content that is valuable to a target audience, then search for resource pages where a link to your site’s content could be added. This could be a resource page from schools, employers, suppliers and more.


4. Outreach to journalists and influencers.

Getting exposure with the right journalist or influencer can change the perception of your website forever. These individuals can get your site mentioned in web publications that will expose you to communities that are prepared to share your website. You might be able to acquire links in the forms of a mention or reference.

It’s important to build a relationship and to demonstrate value to the influencer so they will consider sharing your website with their audience and communities.

5. Contribute to roundups or newsletters

There are several content curators across the web that are actively looking for content each week. If your site publishes content regularly, you can share your information with them and earn a link back to your content.


6. Build an audience and have them link to you.

There are several platforms where you can build your audience. Whether you want to build a following by publishing videos on YouTube, publish content on your blog or share your content across social media platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest, you can then ask your audience to link back to your site if they find the content valuable.

These are some extremely effective ways to build links that will provide your website with a positive SEO impact. The best thing is these tactics are white-hat and provide a competitive edge, since the links cannot be easily acquired by competitors. Try out these tactics and let us know how impact on your site’s SEO rankings in 60 days time.