Google has been remarkably successful in putting forth innovations in almost every mainstream arena. Now, the giant is creating colossal buzz for bringing educational innovations by means of its flagship product, which is termed as Google Glass. It is believed that Google Glass is going to revolutionize the present educational trends. Here are a few ways in which educators and students may get benefitted from the new technology.

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1. Learn new languages

One of the most prominent features of Google Glass is to provide text-based translations in real time. By means of real time decoding of languages, students can easily learn new languages. Furthermore, students of diversified cultures can aid to one another, while learning new languages. Apparently, the translation feature will be enhanced, as Google Glass gets perfected over the time.

2. Perform research on-the-go

With Google Glass, students can search over any topic on-the-go. This allows students to get information, make notes out the same, bookmark significant pages for later use, and much more. In addition, Google Glass will have new apps that will enable students to utilize social media channels and additional resources, such as email and Dropbox, for saving and sharing their research with no hassles.

Furthermore, teachers can search in real-time in order to check whether the information present in a student’s presentation is accurate or not.

3. Monitor the activities of students

In schools or colleges, students are often divided into contingents for helping one another in several academic activities. Nonetheless, students barely do anything seriously, especially with their peers and friends. Google Glass can help teachers tremendously in this regard. By means of the technology, teachers can monitor the performance level of students. Furthermore, a teacher can anytime send a personal message to a student telling the student to do his/ her work quietly.

Google Glass in Education 1

4. Create presentations and research materials

Google Glass allows students to shoot quick videos as well as images. This comes in handy for the students who are required to prepare presentations or documentations, as they have rapid access to visual content. The provisions of fast-paced shooting and recording can boost both productivity and creativity.

5. Ask questions via email

Google Glass allows shy students, who don’t want to ask their questions aloud, to send their questions and doubts via email to their teachers. Due to this, teachers can also cut down the time they devote for helping students after their classes.

6. Build portfolios

Building portfolios is one the most crucial stages of an academic tenure. Students are required to build portfolios in order to seek and land jobs. In addition, portfolios can even help in securing start-up capital. Google Glass has students covered in this aspect as well.

The feature of capturing visual content can be utilized by students for adding real-life elements like feedback they receive from people they interact with while they demonstrate their work.

The price of the technology will surely come down with the passage of time. However, Google Glass seems promising with its enormous potential that is already exciting.

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