The world is growing smaller every day. With every passing day, new inventions are making the world an easier place to live in. And it is becoming easy to connect from one place to another. So, working has also become much hassle-free. You can now conduct video conferences between different places.

So, are you planning to use video for connecting with your customers? You can use it to connect with your clients. There surely are various ways to educate your clients about your products and services. These days, you can even connect with your potential customers over the video with customized animated messages. But you have to follow proper ways to ensure the clients don’t leave a webinar or call. You can use cloud-based tools, such as GoAnimate, for creating animations that speak loads about your business. And beyond that, you can conduct video conferences to connect with the clients directly.


Video Conferencing as a Form of Official Communication

It has been quite some time since video conferencing has been around. From large multinationals to smaller ones, the use of video conferencing has been empowering businesses and helping them to perform better.

So, are you going to use video conferencing for your meetings from now on? They can surely give you an upper hand in connecting with the clients. That’s because, speaking directly with the clients is sure to give you the upper hand.

Using video conferencing for your business isn’t an easy task. In addition to ensuring that all the technologies are working properly, you have to maintain proper video conferencing etiquettes. Following them is a must if you are looking to complete the process successfully and in the most effective manner.

Here’s a quick look at some of the most common etiquettes that you need to follow while participating in a conference conducted over the video.


Speak as well as Let Others Speak

As the name suggests, video conferencing is surely a form of conference that involves people at different locations. In fact, there are several tools, which allow people to work remotely these days. So, it involves the participation of a number of people. Hence, it is essential for all the participants to take part in the meeting actively. For this, you also need to play a role. While it’s true that you should speak out in the video conference, you should also remain silent at times. It is essential to let others speak and add value to the conference. As a video conferencing etiquette, you should follow this rule, which is common in any group discussion or conference. You should let others have their turn in the discussion.

Never Interrupt Other Speakers

During a conference, lots of points might come up. When someone else is speaking, you might not agree to all the points he’s saying. You do have every right to differ. But you should speak about it once the person finishes his speech. Under no circumstance, you should interrupt the speaker while he’s saying something.

Speak Clearly and be Audible

You are in a video conference. It is important to speak your mind there. But while doing that, you should ensure that you have the attention of all the other participants in the conference. For that, you have to ensure that everyone is able to understand what you are saying. Hence, you should be clear. Keep an eye on the speed at which you are speaking. Ensure that whatever you are saying is easily comprehensible. It will also help you attract the attention of the listeners. However, you should never shout on the call. If you are not audible to others, have a look at the settings of the microphone.

Find a Place Away from Disturbances

Are you going to speak in the video conference? You should then find a proper place from where you should conduct it. Remember, it is never a good practice to have lots of background noise while speaking. So, you should select a place, where there won’t be lots of noise. Less crowded places or spots far away from roads can help. The listeners should never feel disturbed by the background noise while listening to your speech.

Put the Microphone on Mute While Not Speaking

Are you the only speaker in the video conference? Most likely that won’t be the case. So, you have to be a listener as well. And when you are not speaking, it is a must to follow a few proper etiquettes.

When you are not speaking, keep your microphone on mute. It will help to ensure that no unwanted sound enters the conference area.


Look at the Camera While Speaking

Where do you stare while speaking during the video conference?

A lot of people have the habit of staring away while speaking. This isn’t the right etiquette. You have to look at the listeners while delivering the speech.

So, how can you do that while speaking during a video conference?

You’ll have to look at the camera. It will help you make eye contact with your listeners and thus, attract their attention within a short time.

video conference

As the world of technology is moving at a fast pace, a lot of new things are being introduced in businesses. Processes such as video conferencing have become quite handy for businesses. So, these are being used extensively. When you are participating in a video conference, it is essential for you to follow a few etiquettes, so that the audience remembers your presentation. They are going to help you participate in the conference successfully.