2020 has been a year of change. In particular, a large number of businesses were forced to adapt to new circumstances caused by the pandemic—their ability to evolve became their key to their survival. 

Luckily,  the internet has made it possible for traditional businesses to move online. Thus they have been able to continue to make money, despite the major setbacks. 

Which Types Of Businesses Moved Online? And What Can We Learn From This Modern-Day Evolution?

1. Fitness And Yoga Classes

This year, many businesses had to close shop for at least a short period. But thanks to the internet, many fitness companies have been able to move their classes online. This year alone, there has been a 15% increase in people seeking online fitness classes. 

One of the great things about online fitness classes is that you can work out at any time of day or book a class at a convenient time that you can enjoy from your home’s comfort.  

These classes are also slightly more affordable than having a gym membership, and you don’t have to worry about having your membership canceled for not attending the gym. Many of these online classes are “pay per day,” so you can save money by not paying for days that you are not working out. And if you are a fitness instructor, you could end up making much more money, as people from all over the world can join your classes, and you will save money by not having to rent a studio. 

Fitness can relate to any form of exercise. There are so many classes from which to choose! Aerobics, yoga, pilates, and even ballet. 

Even though gyms have never been emptier, the web is abuzz with people working out from all over the world.

2. Online Learning

Online learning is booming. With many schools closed temporarily for in-person learning, most students have gone online to keep up with their education. These virtual classrooms have become lifesavers for children all over the world. 

This form of business has been around for a while. But under the current circumstances, It has boomed and has genuinely benefited those seeking higher education at cheaper rates. Many courses are offered online from companies like Udemy and Shaw Academy. You might even find some universities offering online classes as well.

This form of education is convenient for those who would like to study during the evenings to avoid conflicts with their daytime jobs. And now, kids who can’t attend school are also benefiting from online learning. Even preschoolers are enjoying online lessons. 

Online learning, in many cases, is relatively affordable. You can also learn from anywhere in the world, at any time. If you would like to get a Cambridge education, you can now do so without leaving your house. 

3. Psychology Sessions and Doctors Appointments

In the past, psychology sessions were done almost exclusively face to face. But now, thanks to the internet, there has been a tremendous surge in psychologists taking their businesses online. It has helped individuals get the help that they need, even during the pandemic. 

This year especially, mental health crises have significantly increased. Therefore there was an increased need for psychologists to move their practices online. Zoom has proved to be invaluable for many companies. 

Besides this, many doctors have arranged to have online appointments with their patients. Doctors can find out the symptoms of their patients and ask them questions via video conferencing. It has also helped those who might be too afraid to leave the house get the medical care they need. 

4. Legal Services

Traditionally, legal services have always been face-to-face. Because of the internet, these businesses have been able to take their services online. Now, whether you seek a divorce or look to immigrate to another country, you can do it without leaving your house.

Online divorce is a great example of legal services that have used the web to their advantage.  Online divorce is a quick and convenient way to seek an annulment, and the cost of online divorce is also much cheaper than that of a traditional divorce. Legal Zoom is well-known for their affordable services. 

5. Online Shopping

There is nothing you cant buy online. E-commerce is a great way to shop. You can order anything that you need at any time of the day or night, including clothes, furniture, and even groceries. With a click of a button, you can have all these goodies delivered to your front door. 

In the past, you might have been able to order something online, but would have to collect it in person. Now thanks to technology and planning, you don’t have to leave home to go shopping. 

Amazon is one of the best online stores globally, where you can buy pretty much anything you need. It has proved to be a lifesaver to many during the pandemic.

6. Real Estate

Online property viewings have also become much more common. Some people have bought homes overseas by just viewing them online. 

Real estate agents have benefited from this form of business because they have been able to continue to make an income despite not being able to show homes in person.

The UK, in particular, uses virtual show houses for clients. And clients are still buying and renting despite not seeing properties in person. 

What Can We Learn?

Adapting to the times is critical for our survival. If businesses don’t do this, who knows where they will end up.

Besides, working online has also shown many companies that their employees do not need to be micromanaged in an office. Businesses have been able to save money on expenses such as rent and stationary. 

If you are thinking of moving your business online, give it a shot! You might just be surprised at how wonderful it can be.

In Conclusion

There has been a massive surge in businesses moving online. For many business owners, this has been a positive experience, and the same has been true for customers. Next time you decide to do something, whether it’s getting a divorce, studying something new, or going shopping, why don’t you have a look online and see what you can find. By growing with the times, your life will surely be made much easier.