Marketing is an essential activity for any business. And marketers are willing to spend to get the targeted results through different marketing channels.

Paid marketing is one such lucrative option, and we are leveraging it.

But, believe me; your audience is totally fed up with those PPC ads! And, many of them have already started using ad blockers.

So, what are you supposed to do now?

The answer is, target an already engaged audience organically. And, let us see how to do that!

Influencer Marketing

People are aware of influencers as channels for business marketing. And, the campaign has to be authentic enough to not to be perceived as just a paid promotion by your target audience.

Ranked as the top customer acquisition method online, influencer marketing is something no marketer can ignore.

Influencers are social media celebrities. Since they have interesting material to share and entertain others, they are followed by many.

So, it comes as no surprise that influencer marketing has bridged the gap between paid and organic marketing.

The target customers are aware that every brand pretends to be selling the best products. So, those praising their own products are not believed for a purchase decision.

However, the influencer is a third party. And he is the one already followed by many. So, there is some credibility that his audience associates with his opinions and preferences.

An influencer can alter the perception of others and so purchase decisions are largely dependent on influencers.

The Best Practices for Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has its merits. But, it is not devoid of its challenges either.

So, it is important to follow the best practices for influencer marketing. Let us see what these are.

1. Choosing the Right Influencer

Just any influencer with a million follows would not get you the desired results. So, you need to choose the right fit for your brand.

  • The Focus of the Influencer

Before selecting an influencer for your brand, you must assess the focus of the influencer. Women celebrities can be good influencers for beauty products, jewelry, and fashion brands.

On the contrary, your favorite Rugby player, despite having a million followers, is definitely not the right choice as an influencer for a women’s jewelry brand!

  • The Reputation of the Influencer

Apart from that, you should assess whether the person is famous and has goodwill.

Perhaps he just enjoys so many followers because he is notorious? And, people want to follow him out of curiosity or maybe, just for entertainment.

Your brand reputation is dependent on that of the influencer. So, be careful!

A notorious and controversial influencer might be showing more followers. But, most of those are only curious to know more about him. And, his endorsement of a product might actually prove to be very damaging for your brand.

  • Engagement Levels of Followers

Analyze the social media interactions of the influencer and his followers. Also, assess the level of activity on his social media accounts.

Some influencers do have a million followers but not all of those are actually engaged.

2. Authenticity of Follows

Never ignore the fact that many such influencers have a large number of fake followers. And these social media celebrities are themselves unaware or even unconcerned with that.

So, don’t go by numbers.

“Influence is to be measured, not by the extent of surface it covers, but by its kind.”

-William Ellery Channing

Though your brand is seeking promotion through the influencer, you cannot expect any conversions if the followers are fake.

3. Alignment with Brand

The whole success of influencer marketing is in the fact that the image of the influencer should match with your brand. His followers should be able to relate his identity with the product that he is endorsing.

An influencer who does not smoke would not be the perfect choice for marketing a cigarette. An influencer’s social and cultural appeal will have an impact on your brand and you cannot ignore that.

4. Allow Some Room for Creativity

While using any form of paid marketing, we like to dominate the content creation. Why not! We are the best consultants when it comes to the vision of our brand.

And, we expect our marketing campaign to reflect our vision. And, we aren’t expecting too much, are we?

But, the influencer has his own creativity and style. That is what makes him popular with his audiences. And we must allow some room for his creativity to flow, for the benefit of our brand.

He may be able to add better ideas and isn’t that the reason why he is able to engage an audience in such large numbers?

So, the marketing campaign has to be designed collectively. It is good to take suggestions from the influencer. Unless his actions are detrimental for your brand, you must be open to going for innovative ideas.

5. Influencer Efficiency Depends on Duration

No matter how effective it is, your campaign with any particular influencer must last for a limited duration.

Using the same influencer time and again doesn’t help. The customers also start ignoring if they find the attempt overly promotional.

With a new influencer after few months, you can expect a different set of audience.

Different influencers promoting your product make the marketing attempt appear organic. And, there is an influx of newer ideas too.

6. Learn and Keep Learning!

Observe how your competitors are using influencer marketing. The types of influencers that they are using and the content that is attracting the most attention, everything can give you quality learning.

I am not suggesting that you imitate your competitors. But, observing them can also give significant insights into what to do and what not to when using influencer marketing!

Learning from your own experiences also helps. Whether or not you have used influencer marketing in the past, you know what type of strategies have helped and which ones are bound to fail.

Here’s an instance.

If a fashion brand finds that their past campaigns were more successful on Facebook, and less on Twitter; it could be due to the type of audience.

Every product has a different scope on different social media networks. And one has to identify the best fit social media platform to get the most out of it.

In this situation, it would be better to target an influencer who enjoys better engagement on Facebook.

Wrapping It Up!

Influencer marketing is not just another channel of marketing. It is also a very effective one.

Whether you use it or not is up to you! But, if you do, make sure you follow the tips for deriving the maximum return on your investment.

Do share here in the comments your experiences, if any, with influencer marketing.