Instagram is one of the most widely used social media sites in this current day and age. It is used by thousands, if not millions of people all across the globe. Instagram has long been used by small businesses and huge brands alike to promote their products and services. One of the newer developments that businesses can use to promote and market their brand is through Instagram stories. Stories let you post pictures and short videos, and if used effectively, you can end up reaching a huge audience. If you are new to Instagram stories, here are six tips on how you can use them to boost your brand.

  • Share Useful Information and Tips

When Instagram Stories give the audience relevant and useful content, viewers tend to share it with their followers and friends. This increases your brand’s exposure, making more people aware of your product or service and increasing the likelihood of gaining new customers. This is why having content that is useful to people and gives them tips and insider tricks is incredibly important when promoting your brand using Instagram Stories.

  • Encourage Customer Generated Content

The most powerful type of content on Instagram is generated by the users themselves. This is known as user-generated content and is a key tip for promoting your brand using Instagram stories. There are a few different ways to do this, including inviting viewers to share their own videos, stories and pictures, creating a branded hashtag and encouraging people to use it and getting customers to share and feature your best posts to their stories. This is another key method to use to boost your brand and increase your exposure. 

  • Be Mindful of What is in Shot

Instagram Stories rely on both sound and visuals to engage viewers, entice customers, and promote your brand. This is why what you include in the shot is incredibly important. You want the viewers to be completely focused on your brand, so this needs to be the main image that you display. Using a photo background changer will freshen up the images you use, make sure that there aren’t any distractions and make your images look more professional. Having clean images like this with consistent coloring and text is essential when marketing your brand.

  • Add Interactive Elements

People need constant stimulation. We get bored easily, it’s just a fact of life. This is sometimes why traditional content like videos and photos just don’t quite cut it. To keep viewers interested and engaged with your content, mix it up by creating content that customers can actively interact with. Instagram Stories allow you to post polls, questions, quizzes, and other ways that will get your users to engage with your content. Doing this captures people, is more interesting, and an effective way to boost your brand.

  • Start a Challenge

One way of getting viewers to actively engage with your content and continue to share your brand to their followers is to start an Instagram challenge. Instagram challenges can boost your brand as customers complete and share the task, then their followers also have the opportunity to complete the challenge and continue to share it further. If you can, develop a challenge that people are eager and excited to take part in so more and more people become interested in and discover your brand. Be creative and come up with something that is relevant, fun and engaging to get your challenge to trend and have as many people as possible taking part. 

Instagram is one of the most valuable tools for promoting and marketing brands. Using these tips, you will create engaging and enticing Instagram Stories that will get people talking about your brand.