In today’s Internet age, there are limitless possibilities for children to access anything unsupervised and inappropriate. Children, out of their excitement and curiosity, can end up meeting strangers or charging thousands to your credit cards, if not monitored while using the Internet. Therefore, it becomes every parent’s responsibility to install efficient parental control software like SecureTeen, so that his/ her child can access only appropriate and valuable content online Here are 6 tips to help you choose best parental control software.

Parental Control

1. Look for keyword filters

Keyword filters form an essential feature in parental control software and enable you to allow or disallow content on the basis of keywords. Ideally, the feature should be intelligent enough not to block sites that include a term or word in URLS that is otherwise banned. For example, a search for the word “Middlesex”can be considered inappropriate by certain packages.

2. Don’t forget about scheduling

Scheduling allows you to specify the hours that your child can utilize for working on the computer. Ideally, the option should enable you to set different times every day. In addition, the feature should permit you to keep a limit on the overall time for each day. Plus, it would be an added benefit, if you could block internal browsing or other particular apps at certain times to prevent kids from getting distracted, especially when they are doing their homework.

3. Pay attention to age-specific settings

Anything appropriate or inappropriate can be decided as per the age of your child. Efficient parental control software permits you to filter and set content as per your child’s age. For example, a 7-year old child normally doesn’t require access to as many websites as a 15-year old requires. So, you can spruce up things accordingly.

Parental Control Software

4. Watch out for black and white lists

A few packages enable you to filter websites based on different categories, namely weapons, pornography, and drugs etc. They also possess two types of lists, namely backlists, which are the sites that are disallowed, and whitelists, which are the sites that are allowed. However, it’s always advisable to go in favor of a package that can intelligently process search results and identify whether a specific website contains appropriate content or not.

5. Look for IM monitoring

If your child utilizes an instant messaging service, your parental control software should be able to monitor the conversations that he/ she is having with his/ her friends or other people. Furthermore, parental control software should prevent your child from sending confidential details like address or phone number even to closest friends.

6. Remember remote management and alerts

Ensure that your software permits you to make changes to the computer, which runs the parental control software, from another PC. The software should send alerts, in case there are attempts to visit blocked websites.

Parental control software is essential because it helps you monitor, limit, and ensure your child’s safe Internet usage so its advisable to perform due diligence before selecting one.