Nowadays, it’s hard to ignore the importance of streaming as people continue to enjoy streaming more than before. And this trend is continuously increasing.

Undoubtedly, you have plenty of options to choose from for streaming media. But while most offer a massive range of content. The truth is that some streaming fans still face issues when it comes to having the best experience from regional-specific streaming platforms.

Each streaming service comes along with its TV shows and movies to enhance the user’s experience. For example, Kiwis can learn about the daily and weekly schedule of NZ TV channels to leverage their entertainment.

If you want to get the best experience as a binge-watcher, below are the six best streaming hacks to keep you glued to the screen for your favorite TV and movies shows. Whether HBO Max, Quibi, Netflix, Peacock, or any other streaming platform, these hacks will help!

1. Turn Off/On Autoplay

While few seem not to care about Autoplay on their streaming platforms, many binge viewers are concerned. Autoplay is a business tactic to keep you hooked on your screen to watch the next episode. Whether using Prime Video, Hulu, or Netflix, you will get bored every time your movies or shows Autoplay.

But you may be interested in watching the whole series without interfering with your comfy. In this case, you can turn on the Autoplay, and the next episode will play automatically. 

Every streaming platform has Autoplay settings or personal account settings that you can enable or disable depending on your desired setting.

2. Request for Specific Movies Not Available

Not everything is available on your streaming service. Some movies or shows may not be available due to ownership rights depending on the license rights a particular studio owns or who the media providers need to do business with. Fortunately, a subscriber can request movies or TV shows they need.

Another way to fool the streaming platform is using a VPN. However, some streaming services such as Netflix may detect your access and block you. You can use some of the best reliable VPNs, such as ExpressVPN, which works well with Netflix.

3. Stream in HD Resolution

A video resolution is one vital thing when it comes to streaming. No binge-watcher wants a poor quality of whatever they stream. Thankfully there are quite a handful of settings for resolutions to get the best quality. Full HD resolution (1080p) will allow you to watch your favorites without buffering.

Note that if you use an HD resolution, you will also need higher bandwidth for a better experience. You may be required to have 100Mbps or more. It will allow you to stream in HD or 4K. Some of the best streaming platforms with the best picture quality include Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Disney+, among others.

4. Have A Group Watch

The days’ fans would watch the festive movies together seems to have wallowed away. The Internet has changed everything. One common way is Teleparty, a free extension that allows watching content in a group

Whether it’s on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO, one can stream to the service of choice and send a link to others to log in with their accounts.  Note, if the title you want to watch is not available in your friend’s country, they can use a VPN to unblock the contents.

5. Clear Your Watch History on The Streaming Service

Interestingly, most streaming platforms have a similar approach to hiding titles of their viewing history. For instance, those who love watching adult content may not feel comfortable sharing their credentials with their family or friends.

It’s easier to keep such content private by wiping out your history. For example, Netflix has an added option where you only need to click the “Hide Series “or “Hide All” button depending on what you want to hide.

But if you want to rewatch your favorites, you can add a profile lock under the Profile & Parental Controls to ensure no one gets access to your account.

6. Search for Top Trending or Popular Shows or Movies

In the streaming era, things have been made easy. You can watch the top trending shows or movies without having to scroll through the long lists that can be daunting to navigate. For instance, to get a quick response on what you’re looking for on Netflix, you only need to search for the most popular or trending. Also, check out free online movie streaming sites in 2022


While streaming, you need to know how to avoid buffering, playback interruptions, poor video quality, and other nasty issues resulting in a boring streaming experience. The above hacks will help you to resolve streaming issues

However, if you are among those who feel good to move out of the box and would want to view other streaming services unavailable in New Zealand, a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN can help.