The massive shift to a work-from-home business model that transpired during 2020 has changed how we work. Recruiters are no longer bound by geography, and interviews are taking place remotely via video chat rather than in-person.

While there’s plenty of overlap between preparing for an in-person interview and a remote interview, there are a few subtle differences to consider. Here are six remote online interview tips to help you land the job in 2021.

Conduct a Preliminary Tech Check

One of the overarching recruitment trends in 2021 is video interviewing. Unfortunately, technology has a funny way of glitching when you need it the most. Combine that universal truth with different video conference platforms and remote interview styles, and you have a recipe for disaster. There’s nothing as stressful as sitting down for your interview and discovering that you need to download a Chrome extension to access the virtual room.

Sit down the day before your interview to test your internet, microphone, camera, and login capabilities. If possible, use the platform to call a friend and do a live tech check. You might determine that you need to move to a different spot in your home for a better WiFi signal or change devices.

Prepare Your Environment

While your ability to sound natural and confident during your interview will play a pivotal role in your success, it’s equally important to remove any background distractions on your end of the video call.

Many job seekers are sharing their space with other remote workers or children who are completing remote learning. This situation can present new challenges when trying to create a quiet environment and strong WiFi connection for an interview. While there are some allowances being made for these situations, it’s important to have an honest conversation with everyone in your household about what you expect during interview time.

It’s also important to check your background and ensure there’s nothing unsightly or distracting. Remember to check that your area is distraction-free in both vertical and horizontal formats.

Dress for the Role

One of the perks of working from home is the relaxed dress code. However, professionalism is still key when preparing for a virtual interview. 

Dress as though you’re leaving your house and attending an in-person interview. Choose your clothing based on the role you’re applying for and the company culture. While it may be tempting to only dress the upper half and wear your comfy clothes from the waist down, wearing the full outfit is important for putting yourself in the right frame of mind. It also prevents any embarrassing snafus if you have to stand up during your call.

Arrive Early

It might seem silly to arrive early when you’re commuting within your own home, but it’s an important part of the preparation process. This extra buffer time allows you to ensure everything is ready to go so that you can get into the call on time. 

Give yourself ten minutes to sit down and double-check your technical components before starting.

Print Your Materials 

One of the benefits of remote work is the ability to go paperless and keep everything online. However, it can be distracting to switch between tabs during an interview. Your interviewer might wrongfully think that you’re distracted or inattentive. 

Instead, have your research, questions, and company information printed and sitting beside you. If getting to a printer isn’t feasible, take notes on a notepad so that you can refer to them throughout and jot down other takeaways.

Send a Follow-Up Email

When you complete your interview, you’re already in the perfect position to send a thank-you note. Before you go on with your day, send a follow-up email thanking the interviewer for their time and providing any additional information as requested.

With these simple tips, you can exceed expectations during your remote interview and land the job.