Workers’ compensation is a legal insurance that covers income replacement, medical care, and most other costs for injured workers on the job. If you experience an injury through no fault of your own such as a car accident, fall, or work-related illness, you might be eligible to file a claim with workers’ compensation. 

The benefits provided by this program can be crucial in ensuring that you can continue to earn your living even if you’re unable to do so at the moment. Here are six reasons you might be due for workers’ compensation in Phoenix.

1. You Got Injured at the Workplace

The vast majority of workers’ compensation claims in Phoenix involve injuries at work. This is largely because employers are legally responsible for how their business runs.

If you’re injured or hurt on the job, you might be eligible to file a claim and receive benefits if your employer was far from innocent. You should always seek attorneys who specialize in Arizona workers’ compensation law to help guide you through the process.

2. You’re Disabled (in the Line of Duty)

Have you experienced a serious injury that prevents you from working (such as a stroke or spinal cord injury)? Under state law, you might be eligible for lifelong income replacement and medical care benefits.

The amount of compensation depends on your situation. It is generally based on your projected earnings before the injury and what your expenses would have been without the work-related injury. In some cases, rehabilitation services can also be included in workers’ compensation benefits.

3. You’re Not Employed Anymore

If you were once a full-time employee of a company or the government but now are earning your pay in the private sector, you might be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits (from the particular employer).

This is because workers’ compensation laws in Phoenix protect all employees, including those who have left their jobs to work in other areas.

4. You’re Not Entitled to Benefits Yet

If injured on the job or become disabled while working but do not meet the criteria above, you may still be eligible for some financial assistance through workers’ compensation laws.

However, you must be employed by that same company or the government when you were injured.

5. You Have Enough Time to File Your Claim

You must file a claim within two years of sustaining your injury or developing your condition. If you cannot do this, you could argue that it is due to physical and psychological factors (which prevent the filing of claims), such as depression and mental illness.

Some injuries can take longer than two years to heal. If you’re unable to return to work, this may determine whether the workers’ compensation boards in Arizona accept the case.

6. You Can Fight for Your Right to Coverage

Many people who get hurt on the job aren’t able to fight for their benefits due to an unwillingness to risk retaliation from their employer or a lack of knowledge about their rights.

To protect yourself from this, you should know about Phoenix workers’ compensation benefits and how you can get what you deserve after sustaining an injury at work.


If you are injured at work, it’s important that you know your rights and fights for what is rightfully yours. You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits from your employer as they will cater for all your medical expenses and the other compensation that comes along.