Some rumors on the internet are spreading about Old School Runescape, and we are going to be honest, and say that not so many people still play the game. John Walker once said that Runescape is free to play, funny but also frustrating. From the last year when Old School Runescape (a.k.a OSRS) came out, a lot of things happened on the internet. Many players started to play the game and many people left the game. We managed to find some reasons why players love to play Old School Runescape.

It is good for everyone which is great

This game can offer you a comfortable experience and a very good session of quality gaming. Old School Runescape is a very simple game and this is not a bad thing at all. Why is this a recipe to success? Because every player can dedicate time to what they like about the game. If you want to grind for money, you can do it. If you want to buy expensive items to show off, you can do that too. Even if you are the tryharder type of player, and you want to grind for a level 99 skill, feel free to do so. It is important that you do not have to follow a storyline and you can decide what you want to do.

If you invest time, you will have satisfactions

The harder a game gets, the more satisfaction you will have when reaching a milestone. I remember that when I started the game, I had no money, but my focus was to build up my character as soon as possible. The game is developed in such a way you will notice what is important and what is not. Personally, I needed money to buy some basic resources like potions, accessories or magic stones so I can cast more spells. I tried hard and I had bigger satisfactions.

They introduced some new updates to the game

A couple of months ago, the game developers introduced some minigames to the game. One of these minigames is a diary. The completion of these diaries unlocks incredibly useful utilities and shortcuts, so they motivate you to train skills and complete quests. They also offer a small but precious dose of direction,so if you need a new goal, you can always work on your diaries.

Earn money by playing Old School Runescape

OSRS Gold is the main in game currency. Old School Runescape can put some money in your pockets, if you are curious enough to find out how you can do that. is a very easy to use platform where you can trade in-game currency OSRS Gold or items for real money! Yes, this platform allows you to sell the items or OSRS Gold you farm on Runescape for real money.

The best PvP experience you can have

If you dream about a game with complex PvP combats, OSRS will push your limits and will also make you want more from this game. It makes you eager for better gear. If you play with friends, even better, an awesome part of this game is that you can create or craft your own items and add some spice to your gameplay.

Old School Runescape is unique

Playing this game is pretty much like restoring an old and rusty bike. Maybe it will not be funny and won’t give you satisfaction all the time, but you can be sure that OSRS is a game where people dedicate time and share joy. It is very satisfying to step back a little and see how your efforts have paid off. It is not the game for everyone, but maybe it can be a game for you. Over 500,000 people play it.