Think you’re saving money going with a free email host rather than branding your business emails with your own name? This is a textbook example of false economy. You’re actually costing yourself money, which is just one of the seven reasons to brand your business email.

1) Makes a Strong First Impression

You’ve registered the name of your company. You were also fortunate enough to get it as your domain name and you might even have a brick-and-mortar location for your business, with your brand name affixed to the door. It’s all-good, until clients see your email address is [email protected] At that moment, much of your hard-won credibility gets called into question.

Now they’re wondering why you’re too cheap to spring for your own email address. With that question in their heads, they’re now wondering if you cut corners on the goods or services you provide as well. Don’t let this happen to you. Spring for the professional appearance of a business email service.

2) Promotes Your Business

Every time you send a message with that suffix attached, you’re passing up an easy opportunity to plug your brand name. Whenever somebody sees your branded email address, you’re making an impression upon them. Advertisers pay handsomely for brand impressions. That’s why is happy to give you email at no cost.

3) Builds Credibility, Trust and Professionalism

It’s hard to take a business with an address seriously. Branded email is a mark of professionalism in a world of generic everything. By the way, guess what kind of email addresses most scam artists use?

Somebody trying to hustle your customers could use your business name as the prefix of their own address and dupe your customer base into thinking a message originated from you. This is more difficult to do if you own a branded address. Thus, branded email builds trust and credibility, and marks you as a true professionalin the eyes of your clientele.

4) It’s Easy to Do and Inexpensive Too

If you already have your web domain, branding your business emails is simple and inexpensive. In some cases, the addresses are offered free as part of the hosting package when you set up your site. If they aren’t, a number of third-party providers will happily perform this function for you. Either way, the return on your investment will outweigh the expense.

5) Helps Avoid Spam Filters

Spam filters can look upon free provider suffixes as red flags—particularly when messages contain business pitches. Similarly, users tend to shunt generically branded messages into the trash or ignore them. When your customers are truly interested in what you have to offer, seeing your name on a message in their queues moves them to open it.

6) Provides an Image Boost

Even if you’re a Mom & Pop operation, branded email makes you look like a much bigger player. It gives your image a corporate air and says you’re serious about doing what you do. Branded email also affords you the opportunity to offer a variety of “specialty” addresses. These can include [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and more. This strategy projects the impression your company has lots of employees and many different departments—even if all of the messages go into one queue.

These seven reasons to brand your business email are just the extra benefits you’ll derive. Ultimately, each of one them supports the number one reason—enhancing your ability to run a profitable business. And, when you get right down to it, that’s what going into business is all about.