Technology is changing the world around us. From shifting the way, we communicate with each other to provide us with high-tech devices that are changing the construction industry’s landscape. Emerging trends in construction technology are booming, and new ones keep appearing every year.

These technological appliances are not only helping to create a high-quality result in every job. New trends in construction technology are improving the way companies approach new projects and are also creating a sustainable world.

Some construction industry technology trends we can find today are Artificial Intelligence, modern machinery, virtual reality, and even drones. We have shortlisted the top 6 emerging trends in construction technology that you should keep an eye on in the upcoming years.

6 New Trends in Construction Technology

1. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual reality and augmented reality have been linked for a long time with the gaming industry. However, that is not the case anymore. Today VR and AR are crossing frontiers to other areas. Now, these ones are part of the popular construction technology trends.

VR is a perfect tool to show your customers around their new homes, office buildings even before construction begins. This is the best way to create realistic expectations for your clients since they will have a clear idea of how the end project will look.

Here AR is going a step further since it allows construction companies to see the finalized project within its environment. This also lets them make any changes to the architectural design pre-construction, saving them money along the way. 

If your company can afford AR, the possibilities will be endless.

2. Drones

Drones are an important part of the construction industry technology trends because they help us save a lot of time. Before, it will take hours to do a complete inspection of the construction site, and with drones, this can only take a couple of minutes. 

The best part is that these devices can also keep all your personnel safe from any hazards. Imagine all those dangerous scenarios your workers have to deal with daily. Nowadays, drones can perform those tasks. Also, drones can deliver materials and equipment without delay. This will keep your construction efficient and on schedule. 

You can easily learn how to use drones and develop a more productive construction resource management. For a complete guide on how to distribute your resources and save money simultaneously, visit Bridgit.

3. 3D Printing 

This one makes part of the expensive construction technology trends, which will bring you endless benefits in the long run. Various construction companies are already using 3D printing to reduce waste and fabricate what they need offsite. Also, with 3D printers, they eliminate the problem of dealing with delivery times that could delay the project. 

As we mentioned initially, a 3D printer is a pricey tool, but all your other costs will reduce once you have access to it. 

4. Mobile Technology and The Cloud

The cloud might sound like an ordinary tool everyone can access. But the reason why we have included it in our list of new trends in construction technologies is that using the cloud in your construction company will give you an advantage over the competition.

When using the cloud, you won’t have to employ any more paper-based files to store all your information. You can look up everything though the cloud wherever you are.

You also want your primary workers to look up this information if they need it in the different construction sites. That’s why you need mobile technology and a good internet connection such as 5G or WiFi 6. With mobile technology, all your personnel can communicate with each other, and you can even download apps that can help them in their everyday tasks, such as being able to measure with just their cameras.

5. Building Information Technology (BIM) growth

If you are still spending endless hours drawing your plans by hand, this is the time to stop. Building Information Technology (BIM) is a tool that will allow you to do a 3D model of your plans and the building infrastructure. You can also exchange data with all your crew, collaborating with all the essential parts of the project simultaneously.

BIM will ensure there is less room for error in your projects and that the schedule is completed during the timeline established.

6. Big Data

Accessing data beyond traditional databases is crucial if you want to stay on top of the construction industry. In case you don’t know what Big Data stands for, it is a term people use to refer to a significant volume of information that, if seen raw, someone could hardly interpret all of it. 

Big Data contains all the necessary information you will need to make better business decisions based on trends, behavioral patterns, and risk probabilities, among others. The advantage of Big Data is that you can connect it with your Building Information Technology (BIM)

Even when all of these construction technology trends are the most important right now, we also need to look beyond. That’s why we are going to show you some future trends in construction technology.

Future Trends in Construction Technology

1. Geolocation

One significant delay that can usually appear during construction projects is ground conditions. Using geolocation technology, you will never reencounter these problems. Through 3D laser scanning, you will have all the information you need regarding the land’s geographic conditions in which you will develop the project.

2. Designing for The Future 

In this modern world, there are always new materials to improve construction quality and lower costs. Nanotechnology, aerogels, and self-healing concrete are just a few examples of the construction industry technology trends you can find. 

These new trends in construction technology can change your business landscape and be why clients choose your company over the competition.

What’s Next In Construction Technology Trends?

Technology is an ever-changing tool that has been contributing to the construction industry with remarkable advances that are leaving behind the traditional way of developing new projects. If you keep an eye on these future trends in construction technology, we are sure you will find great digital solutions for your company.