At the beginning of the year, the world was affected by a global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and was therefore put into a period of uncertainty and unknown in which affected virtually all of us. For office workers much like ourselves, we were forced to work from home if possible and have been working there ever since, however with it now being 6 months down the line, we evaluate just how successful it’s been.

Working from home was such a strange concept to many at first, as pre-lockdown thoughts were that WFH was something for bosses and directors to do due to their position in the company whereas now everyone is working from home it was a strange aesthetic to start with. Productivity has gone one of either two ways for employees working from home; on one hand some employees have enjoyed working in their own space without the usual office distractions whereas others have found themselves more unproductive as home with the added amount of distractions. 

6 months on, has working from home been a success? One site has done a lot of research into how working from home and 2020 has effected the gambling world and specifically the Gambling Initiative Report which delves deeper into how we are all using gambling different as the initiative has changed and especially in 2020.

Work life balance has been the hot topic of conversation during many zooms calls around the world when catching up with colleagues after months of not seeing them. Some have enjoyed the benefits of working from home as they’ve been able to plan out there day more with the added time from the non-commuting and have therefore been able to add in a workout into their day which has improved their work life balance. Others though have found that they miss the 9 until 5 routine that the office provided and have now found they can’t switch off from work due to it being in their home now and have found themselves replying to e-mails late at night when they should be relaxing to gain their work life balance. 

Although employers and employees weren’t given much choice when it came to be working from home in 2020, we believe that it has been a time of reflection for bosses to work out who are their good staff and who haven’t been pulling there weight. It certainly has been an eye opener and looks to have changed the office demographic for good with many like the WFH/office split moving forward.