Business owners allowing employees to work remotely is no longer new. In fact, 16% of companies worldwide are fully remote. And while working remotely has several perks both for the business and employees, it also has one major drawback. This new working style makes it challenging for business owners to motivate their team as they can’t see them in person. 

Employee motivation can make or break a company’s success because it impacts employees’ drive, energy, and level of commitment. The more motivated employees are, the easier it’ll be for them to accomplish short- and long-term goals for the business. Motivating your remote team is a challenge, but it’s not impossible to do. 

Here are fun yet effective ways to motivate your remote team:

  • Organize Team Building Activities

Does the work-from-home setup make it difficult for teams to work together? Does the lack of physical interaction prevent them from collaborating and brainstorming? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, organize team-building activities.

Team building activities are an excellent tactic to motivate remote teams as these create a sense of belongingness to each member. These activities also keep your teams engaged, making it easier to work with others. 

The options listed below are great activities for remote teams:

  • Online acapella: Instruct teams to create fragments of a song and compile it. One member can do the vocals, while others can work on the beats, melodies, and tunes. 
  • Virtual escape rooms: Find the best virtual escape rooms online and have teams solve puzzles and riddles to survive. These games are great for boosting teams’ communication, problem-solving, and project management skills.
  • Moviemaker: Have teams create their own movies using props they have at home. One can make the scripts while another can supply the audio.
  • Offer Health Benefits

Taking care of your remote team should be a priority—and looking after their health is a great start. When your employees are healthy, they can do more during the day. This can bring more profits and satisfied customers for the business.

Motivate your remote team to go the extra mile by offering health benefits to them. Depending on the size of your company, you can provide health insurance to the employee and their immediate family members. Health insurance will surely make your remote team more productive as they don’t have to worry about spending money on unexpected medical costs. 

Aside from health insurance, you can also offer dental and vision coverage to your remote team. Life insurance is also an excellent perk that can also encourage your remote team to work in your company long-term. 

  • Provide The Best Tools

Your remote team will rely on several apps and software to accomplish day-to-day tasks and communicate with other team members. However, this doesn’t mean that you should provide complicated or outdated tools to them just for the sake of it. This will only demotivate them to work harder. 

If you want to motivate your remote team, invest in the most advanced tools for their jobs. If you’re managing accountants, provide them with the best accounting or bookkeeping software. If your remote team comprises HR professionals, offer them updated Human Resources Management Systems.

Investing in different tools will require money from your pocket, but the results will surely be worth it. These tools will make the lives of your remote team easier and encourage them to have fun while working!

  • Introduce An Employee Recognition Program

Your remote team isn’t a machine and will eventually get tired of accomplishing the same tasks every day. The members of your remote team understand what their responsibilities at work are, but there will be instances when they’ll feel unproductive or unmotivated to work. 

Motivate your remote team to work harder every day by introducing an employee recognition program. This program is a must as it allows employees to see that the company actually recognizes their efforts and contribution. Over time, this will boost your remote team’s productivity, increase their morale and job satisfaction, and foster loyalty. 

There are many ways to recognize your remote team. For one, you can feature one exemplary employee in your company’s social media accounts. You can also provide monetary and non-monetary bonuses (gift cards, free meals, extra paid time off, or pain training opportunities) whenever employees excel in their tasks. 

When creating an employee recognition program, think out of the box and ensure that your tactics are fun and creative. This will surely motivate your remote team! 

  • Prioritize Employee Feedback

Your remote team already understands that they need to accomplish specific tasks during the day to get paid and retain their employment. However, working for eight hours every day and not knowing the quality of their output can be draining. This might even make your remote team question their capabilities and impact the company.

Providing employee feedback regularly is a must to motivate your remote team. Giving feedback shows how you care about your team, performance, and professional development. Moreover, your feedback can also encourage them to take risks and try more advanced approaches. These can reduce stagnancy and ensure that your remote team will know where they stand in the company. 

  • Check-In With Them Frequently

Working remotely can increase the risks of disengagement. Since employees are no longer working in the same room as you, it’ll be easier for them to feel outcast. This can become why they’ll lose the motivation to communicate with colleagues and work properly. 

Another way to motivate your remote team is to check in with them regularly, if possible, every day. Humans are naturally social creatures and will require social interaction to function correctly. Regardless of how experienced your team is in working remotely, they’ll eventually isolate themselves from the rest of the company if they feel no one is reaching out to them. 

Prioritize checking in with your remote team using video conferencing or online communication tools. Aside from making room for small talks, use this opportunity to keep every single member on track. Checking in with your remote team fosters collaboration, accountability, and engagement. 

Consistency Counts 

The key to having a motivated remote team is to remain consistent with your efforts. Incorporate all of the strategies mentioned here into your culture and practice them regularly. This will allow the company to create highly motivated employees, even if everyone works remotely.