Whether you want to make the most of the daily commute or are a regular international jet setter, modern technology has made working on the move easier and more efficient than ever before. Read on for a handpicked list of our favourite gadgets that will help you maximise productivity while on the road:

Portable USB battery charger

portable usb battery charger

If you work on the move, you’ve undoubtedly experienced that feeling of panic when the low battery sign starts to flash during a lengthy airport wait or extended train ride. Put an end to dead devices with a handy USB pocket charger designed to power everything from smartphones and tablets to iPods and games consoles.


tablet 2

Larger than a smartphone yet smaller than a laptop, tablets have emerged as the device of choice for business people hailing from all sectors. From checking emails and confirming flight times to browsing the web and indulging in a little Candy Crush Saga, the compact devices offer users both information and entertainment in the palm of their hands. Featuring Windows 8.1 operating system, HD touchscreen display, integrated graphics and an 8.5 hour battery life, the Toshiba Encore 2 series is ideal for those demanding a tablet that delivers on performance. Available in 8” and 10”, the high spec devices are the perfect companion for workers on-the-go.

Tablet keyboard

tablet keyboard

For those that think tablets simply can’t compete with the functionality of laptops, think again. Investing in a Bluetooth wireless keyboard instantly transforms any tablet into a powerful word processing device.

Noise cancelling headphones

noise cancelling headphones

One of the major downsides to working on the move is the constant hustle and bustle. Cut out any background soundwith a pair of noise cancelling headphones that make business travel as silent and stress free as possible. Whether you’re listening to a briefing, engaging in a conference call, unwinding to your favourite tunes or simply want to muffle background chatter, noise cancelling headphones are a must have gadget for any modern business traveller.


smartwatch 2

Wearable technology has been pegged as the next big thing in the electronics industry, with smartwatches and wristbands leading the revolution. Samsung, Sony and Toshiba are at the forefront of the trend with next generation smartwatches that allow wearers to discreetly make and receive calls. As well as business functions, some devices also feature built in pedometers and heart rate sensors to help corporate travellers stay active and healthy.


ultrabook when on the move

When a high powered laptop is an absolute essential, nothing beats the slim lines and feather light weight of a next generation ultrabook. The compact computers offer all the features of traditional laptops and PCs without the added bulk. For an up-to-the-minute review of the best models on the market, check out this write up from TechRadar.

Whether you want to give yourself peace of mind with a USB charger, maximise productivity with noise cancelling headphones or lighten the load with a touchscreen tablet, these products should make an appearance in the carry-on of every savvy business traveller.