A webinar is a convenient and efficient way to get a lesson or message across to a large group of people or spectators. Webinars enable you to reach a broader audience by cutting down on administrative and travel time required to manage in person meetings. However, you can leave an effective impression of your business in the minds of your audiences only when you ensurethe quality and value of your webinar. Here, we have you covered with 6 great tips for hosting a successful webinar.

hosting webinar

1. Select your webinar hosting vendor

Select a vendor that is both scalable and reliable. The vendor should know how to work with different operating systems. It is beneficial to go in favor of the vendors that are experienced in latest techniques, such as chat, application sharing, polling, and recording features. A few vendors actually provide you opt-in email lists, which come along with the webinar hosting.

2. Choose your webinar date and time carefully

It is suggested to host your webinar at least twice in order to accommodate diversified time zones. You should avoid hosting your webinar on peak conferencing days like Mondays or Fridays, since attendance is usually lower on these days. Schedule your webinar at optimal times like 10 am and 2 pm, because most participants are available at their desks at these times.

3. Focus on developing quality content

Stimulate huge interest by inviting customers, industry experts, or partners for participating. Having a big brand by your side can easily double or triple your participants. Never stuff too much of information on your slides and leave enough background or white space in order to keep your slides simple and pleasant looking.

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4. Don’t use only PowerPoint

It is better to create great-looking presentations by means of multimedia and not to confine yourself to utilizing just PowerPoint. In order to enhance the appearance of your presentations, include photos, flash, Web demos, animation, and other visual aids. In addition, you can include polling questions for highlighting crucial points in your presentations, which will engage your audience more.

5. Record your webinar

You should post your webinar on your website in order to view the same in future, whenever need persists. You should also create a reference library of previous webinars meant for your prospects and customers. Furthermore, if you want to train new employees, your recorded webinars and their relevant Q&As will be of extreme help to you.

6. Follow up

Do ensure to follow up your participants by sending them emails in order to thank them for attending your webinar. Include other appropriate information and request them to attend your next webinar. Don’t forget to send a “sorry we missed you” message to the registrants who couldn’t attend your webinar. Utilize these prospects to the best of your ability for enticing people for attending your upcoming events. In addition, ensure to pass all your participants and registrants to sales for follow-up.

Webinars are an indispensable training tool in the realm of e-learning. Utilize these tips to keep your audience coming back for more to your webinars.