Today, gaming is popular not just in the West but all over the world. This means that there is increasing diversity in the gamer community too. While each gamer has a different personality, there are patterns that can be identified, and this can be used to classify the different types of gamers. 

The motive for gaming is a primary criterion on the basis of which the different types of players can be enumerated. For instance, people who are fascinated with offers like 20 euro bonus ohne einzahlung im casino may be looking to try their luck in a few games while others may just look at gaming as an activity to spend some free time. 

In this post, we bring to you the different types of gamers that you will see around you (or in the virtual world). Let’s get started.

  • Recreational Gamer 

A recreational gamer is also known as a casual gamer. Such a gamer is indulging in gaming as just another activity that they enjoy. They do not look at gaming as a way to get fame or money.

Neither is gaming a way for them to get away from their troubles. It is just like any other hobby or interest for them. It is precisely for this reason that they do not show any impulsive behavior (especially when they lose).

  • Achiever

As the name suggests, this type of gamer looks at their wins in gaming as an achievement and always aspires to reach higher goals. In their attempt to do so, they may exhibit impulsive behavior.

Achiever loves displaying the different badges that they get while gaming, and they are constantly looking to improve their game. You will often see them talking about their latest exploits on different games.

  • Social Gamer 

Like the recreational gamer, the social gamer also does not display impulsive behavior. In fact, they engage in gaming as a way to be social. For instance, they may like playing games with their friends or even strangers who may, later on, become their friends.

Another way in which this type of gamer (which is one of the four Bartle’s Player Types for Gamification) makes gaming a social activity is through the use of role-playing and virtual characters. This, by no means, implies that they are trying to resolve any insecurities they have.

  • Killer

Okay, do not worry. We do not mean the killer literally; we are obviously referring to the game. Killers are like achievers in the sense that they like winning too. However, achievers do not get any extra satisfaction from seeing others lose, while killers do.

By nature, killers are extremely competitive. While this may seem like most gamers, research has shown that a very small percentage of gamers are like this. This is because some amount of competitiveness is a part of life, but killers show it on a higher level.

  • Smartphone Gamer

 True to their name, smartphone gamers do not prefer using expensive gaming consoles. Instead, it is most likely that they were introduced to gaming through their smartphones and enjoyed it so much that they have explored hundreds of mobile games.

The traditional image of a gamer has undergone a sea change, and it is no longer a guy sitting in a room with a huge screen and a gaming chair and et al. Today, gaming is accessible to a whole generation that has interacted with technology only in the form of a smartphone.

  • Escapist Gamer

 Gaming as an activity can result in the release of endorphins and help you cope with some negativity. However, there are a few who have started using it as a way to escape from their realities. This can be because of some issues that they may be facing or due to a traumatic event in their lives.

Either way, it is very important to identify it early on and work to reduce such behavior. If unchecked, this may lead to gaming addiction and also social withdrawal as such gamers typically avoid any kind of interaction with other people apart from gaming.

Are you also a gamer? We bet you are. So were you able to identify which type you are? If your answer is no, do not worry. It has been observed that every gamer displays some characteristics of the different types mentioned here and also those which are not mentioned. If you can identify yourself on a broader level with either of the types, that is enough to gauge yourself.