It’s easy to believe your custom corporate clothing is only something your crew will wear at their cubicles. But there are so many more opportunities to show off your brand. Your team can wear custom clothing at a variety of special events — from tradeshows and training sessions to fundraisers and more. 

Whether hosting an event or merely attending one as a team, custom clothing can improve morale and boost brand recognition. Here are six corporate events that need custom clothing.

1. Tradeshows

Tradeshows will be back on the docket once the world gets back to normal and the last social gathering restrictions lift. 

When they do, custom t-shirts and workwear can help visitors identify your employees at the event. These shirts present a unified front for all the employees acting as brand ambassadors at tradeshows and conferences. 

They’re also a perfect way to emphasize your brand name, logo, and slogan. You can transfer almost anything to cloth through the latest custom clothing printing techniques. 

2. Training Days and Corporate Meetups

Internal training days, corporate meetups, and other work-focused events may be more relaxed than huge, multi-day tradeshows, but they’re still an opportunity to encourage employee unity.

Kitting out your attendees in brand clothing reaffirms you’re gathering to get down to business but that these meetings are a little more casual than your usual 9–5. It’s a fun way to highlight you’re all working toward the same goal.

3. Company Picnics

Custom clothing isn’t just for when you’re on the clock; it’s also an excellent idea for off-the-clock adventures and get-togethers. 

Take, for example, a company picnic. You can design your own clothing for this special outing, commemorating the time and place with a unique design. Employees can collect one every year they’re on staff if you make it an annual tradition.   

4. Fundraisers and Other Volunteer Work

Volunteering is part of many corporate philanthropic policies, so you might be regularly holding or joining a charitable event as a team. You can design custom screen-printed t-shirts that showcase the cause you’re working with to spread the fundraiser’s message. 

Wearing custom t-shirts with your company name can help foster positive feelings about your brand. These t-shirts are also great identifying marks for fellow volunteers; they’ll always be able to spot their colleagues by what they’re wearing. 

5. Sponsored Sporting Events and Races

Whether you’re organizing a weekend run for the company or joining a city-wide obstacle race, a custom t-shirt is a great way to encourage teamwork and promote your brand. 

It’s easy to spot your fellow competitors when every employee is wearing the same colour of shirt sporting the same fierce design. They’ll be exposing your company name throughout the event as racers and competitors see your logo all over the grounds. 

6. Holidays Getaways

Large corporations that play just as hard as they work often treat their employees to company holidays. Although a vacation is a great way to kick back and relax with your officemates, it can also be the perfect moment to share commemorative custom screen-printed t-shirts. 

An experienced screen-printing company can help you design something that captures the spirit of the trip, or you can submit your own design for the shirts. In either case, remember to include the place and year.

Find a Screen-Printing Company Before Your Next Event

Do you have a getaway, training day, or fundraiser coming up soon? Find a local screen printing company to help you get your custom clothing ready before the big event.