Email marketing is more like an art rather than a field. It primarily depends on your ability to communicate with others, and how you make them listen to your point of view. If you have just started with email marketing then you must take note of your mistakes, especially when it comes to general marketing tactics. This way you will stand a better chance of creating a perfect marketing email. Here are some common email marketing mistakes that you should watch out for:

1. Overhyped Subject Line


Newcomers in email marketing often fail to realize the importance of a message’s subject line. Such a mistake can cost them dearly as the message line is among the first things that the recipient looks at. Writing a quality headline is an art that will surely attract more clicks.

You must avoid writing a subject line that is different from the core essence of the message. Just remember that your message’s subject line should be simple and must compel your customer to click on your email and read it.

2. From Name or Email Address is “noreply”

Always send your emails from addresses that give the impression of a person, not a machine. When you send a message with a “noreply” address, the receiver believes that you are implying “We don’t want to directly speak with you.” You must give a welcoming first impression, so try to avoid making this mistake. Instead, it will be a good idea to use an email address that is of a manager. For e.g. a marketing manager or a finance manager.

3. Lack of Value in Message

Try to bring more value in your message that bears some importance for the potential customer. Your message’s content will decide whether your receiver will read on your other messages.

email marketing mistakes

4. Lack of Focus on the Customer

The emails are meant for the receiver, not the product or service that you are promoting. Marketing teams often fail to realize this point, resulting in a loss of subscribers. Try to look your message from your receipt’s perspective and see what that person will actually prefer.

5. Emails Lacking Personality

A common mistake that email marketing officials sometimes make is not to let their personality or their company’s personality shine through their message. People will sign up to your service because they find something interesting about you. Maybe it is your way of writing or your offers or your company’s overall track record. Failing to represent these qualities in your email will result in a lesser interest from the recipients. Just ask yourself, what was it about my previous message that made a person subscribe to it? By following up on your basics and letting your personality to shine through the message, you will make the recipient listen to you.

6. Lengthy Emails

Fresh email marketers often make the mistake of creating a lengthy email message. These professionals may create an amazing message, but it will not give them the expected results. Long emails will also take a lot of time to be read, which can really bore your target audience and you don’t want them bored, do you? So, it is better to avoid writing them. As a rule, one must always remember that the reader has a limited amount of time to go through the message. The email should be short and simple, at the same time it should be fun to read as well. An ideal email should contain a message that can be easily understood in a matter of seconds.

Just avoid these common mistakes and you will create an effective message that is inspiring for the reader. If you need to inquire more on this topic then try contacting email marketing professionals such as Mailigen.