Did you know that Big Data has long shunned the shackles of being just a buzzword and seems to be steadily moving towards a market worth close to $103 billion, expectedly by the end of 2023?

If this statement comes as a surprise, you might just need to reiterate the technological landscape and gauge the presence of Big Data as an integral part of this gigantic network. Besides, the post-pandemic era has already seen several enterprises, regardless of the size, jump onto the digital transformation bandwagon. This is where Big Data is expected to drive in some major and productive changes, provided you are aware of the purported trends.

Not just that, the ingestion and generation of data is expected to see a major overhaul in 2021 with companies, enterprises, startups, and individuals springing back to full efficiency. To be exact, an average individual in 2021 is expected to generate almost 1.7 megabytes of raw data, each second. As much as the value and volume of data amaze us, their adherence to the Big Data trends is expected to the major precursors of technological development.

If you are concerned about the how; here are the 6 trends that might take center-stage in the New Year:

  1. Widespread adoption of Augmented Analytics

In 2021 we might finally see augmented analytics making a good case for itself, owing to its ability to help companies surmount the challenges related to data management. Big Data repositories have lately been flooded with almost 2.5 quintillion data bytes each day, which is expected to become a major issue unless handled and interpreted at the earliest.

Powered by machine learning, neural networking, and other relevant AI-technologies, you can consider Augmented Analytics as one of the best moves to share, prepare, analyze, and even transform the random data sets into actionable and usable entities. As much as it has been languishing on the sidelines, Augmented Analytics will certainly turn mainstream in the existing year, with Mordor Intelligence projecting a CAGR of 31.2 percent for the same by 2025.

Even Gartner shares similar views and expects Augmented Analytics to be a dominant BI driver in 2021.

  1. Pairing Big Data with Streaming Services

Arguably, 2020 has been the best year for the OTT and other streaming platforms, owing to the sheer vastness of the procured user base. However, the popularity of streaming services is expected to continue even in 2021 and this is where Big Data analytics will have a major role to play. Regardless of offering curated content over streaming devices like Chromecast and Amazon Firestick or putting up user-specific thumbnails and screens over Netflix and other platforms, Big Data analytics has the ability to process insane volumes of data to the users’ advantage.

In 2021, we can expect Big Data to pair up with streaming services, devices, and platforms for improving pricing, security, and overall user experience. With Big Data around you can even expect the new and improved Firestick UI to suggest the best Firestick apps for content consumption, with emphasis on security and improved streaming quality. Besides suggestions, the new trend will also focus on improved account security whilst aiming to cut down completely on freeloading.

  1. Blockchain Marrying Big Data

With Bitcoin at an all-time high, 2021 might just be the year of reckoning for the cryptocurrencies. As Blockchain is the inherent technology behind the same, it might simply pave the way for better and more secured Big Data implementations. The wave of crypto-awareness will play a major role in lending additional security to Big Data. The secured network architecture of Blockchain will immunize the Big Data repositories from change or counterfeiting.

Besides, Blockchain technology also sets the precedent for improved data structuring, which in turn allows Big Data to make some giant strides in the realm of analysis and interpretation. To sum it up, this association will mainly make room for improved data security and readability.

  1. The Emergence of Knowledge Graphs

In 2021 we might see enterprises making good use of the knowledge graphs, which can be of assistance to improve the readability associated with Big Data repositories and data sets. Better termed as the interlinked concepts relevant to events and objects, knowledge graphs can be used to process semantic metadata whilst facilitating integration, sharing, and analysis, and unification of information.

We could expect Knowledge graphics to simplify Big Data analysis besides harmonizing and presenting them in a more meaningful fashion.

  1. Big Data and Climate Change

Climate change has been tagged as the most pressing global issue by the United Nations in 2020, owing to the environmental and financial repercussions. Considering the same, Big Data analytics might have a major role to play in 2021, allowing organizations to collect and infer real-time insights, in an effort to understand the climatic changes and the subsequent effects.

  1. Big Data to Drive a Health Revolution

Technological advancements in the health sector have been presumed in the wake of the pandemic. While the covid19 vaccination happens to be one of the many instances, we might just experience a bigger role of Big Data, in driving the biggest health revolution of all time. The inclusion and adoption of Google’s famed Deepmind program might be one of the few milestones, leading to the same.


Deepmind’s adventurous AlphaFold program is one such example that revolutionized amino-acid sequencing, whilst offering an unexpected solution for the scientists in the concerned realm. The program used traditional Big Data technologies, where the databank was sequentially fed with 170,000 diverse protein structures.

Much like AlphaFold, other relevant real-time Big Data implementations can fuel a path-breaking and commercially viable health revolution.

Till now, we have even scratched the Big Data surface whilst an entire consortium of untapped potential lies underneath. However 2021 onwards, we might start seeing a more proactive approach towards Big Data, where its amassing potential might be used to solve the biggest issues pertaining to the human race.