Conference calling is not confined to organizations in the current technological era. Video call conferencing has clearly emerged as an efficient medium of communication among hundreds and thousands of people. At present, numerous convenient and top-notch VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps are available, which offer free PC to PC calls and hugely reasonable PC to phone calls. Here is the list of 7 best free conference calling services that you can utilize.

1. GoToMeeting

GoToWebMeeting 3

GoToMeeting is a free online conference calling service that enables you to hold limitless meetings as per your requirements. In addition, there are no hidden overages or charges. Both VoIP and phone conferencing are included. Initially, you can utilize the free trail for 30 days in which you get to hold unlimited meetings having at most 15 attendees.

2. Skype

Skype Conference Calling 1

Skype is probably the most renowned conference calling software that permits you to make free calls all across the world. Available as a free VoIP, Skype can be downloaded and utilized easily by anyone. You just have to install the software into your PC and invite others for joining. Furthermore, you can utilize numerous calling plans for cell phones and landlines that are quite reasonable. By means of Skype, you can hold a video conference with as many as 10 attendees.

3. Dimdim

DimDim 1

Dimdim conference calling service lets you hold open, easy, and affordable online meetings as well as webinars. You can share and collaborate without having to download anything for hosting or attending. By means of just one click, you can utilize audio, video, instant meeting, and screen sharing features. To begin using the service, you can utilize the 30-day free trial.

(Note – The product has been discontinued)


FreeConferenceCalling 1

Free conference calling lets you host free conference calls with as many as 500 callers for every conference call. The conference time for each call is six hours. The service allows you to record your conference calls for free, which becomes an easy reference through playback. Thus, you can download, listen, and podcast without any hassles.

5. Fuze Meeting

Fuze 1

Fuze Meeting enables you to conduct online meetings in high definition. The conference calling service comes with an excellent video tool that can display numerous video file types including HD, MOV, MP4, WMV, and FLV. In addition, you can forward and back up videos by means of Fuze Meeting.

6. SightSpeed

SightSpeed Conference Calling 1

SightSpeed is one of the best video and voice calling services for Mac as well as PCs that offers numerous free PC to PC video calls. Windows users can connect with full quality to Mac users and vice versa.

Conference calling is the most convenient and affordable way to get in touch with multiple people from different locations in one go.