I have to be honest with you. My phone is mostly filled with games. I love gaming, but, unfortunately don’t have enough time to engage in an unrelenting PC experience. That’s why I catch a few five minute breaks every day and have fun on my phone.

I also love to gamble and an app that allows me to play Australian online casino no deposit bonus would definitely be one of my most used ones. But, fun set aside, my phone is a powerful asset in day-to-day business. All thanks to these six apps.

6 business apps for a busy Entrepreneur

I use these every day and can freely recommend them based on personal experience.

  1. Toggl for tracking and management of time. I love to track the time I spend working. This helps me stay focused and motivated, and this way I can also set new challenges for myself or analyze wasted moments later on to enhance my daily routine even further.
  2. MS Office for Android for working with documents. I know there are cooler mobile apps like DocuSign or SigNow for operations with charts and tables, but I’m just too used to Microsoft when it comes to Word or Excel. I can build forms and even small databases with Office, edit docs fast and leave notes. That’s pretty much all I need so why go deeper with more sophisticated software?
  3. I use Jonton as a nice and handy scanner. I take a picture of a doc and it gets digitalized in my phone instantly. Neat, right? I could only imagine tech like that back when I started my business.
  4. Google Drive is used for sharing and sharing, as we all know it is caring. I used to own a premium DropBox account, but more people seem to enjoy Google so I switched. Frankly, I barely see a difference between the two except the fact that I can edit more with Google Sheets.
  5. I use Wave as my primary financial transactions assistant. It helps me as an accountant, a bookkeeping service and a financial report. All in all – I have a solid grasp over my finances with it.
  6. I like doing Social Media Marketing. It works for me even though I’m not an expert. That’s why I use Hootsuit to track all of my social media pages, engage and interact with people, get frequent status updates, etc.

The bonus round

If you are interested in more apps I occasionally use for business purposes but wouldn’t call them essential – here they are:

  • Uber for times when I desperately need a ride and can’t drive.
  • Tripit for travel and booking of hotels.
  • Hi-Q to occasionally record notes with my voice and listen to them later on.

There are tons of apps out there, and I am sure you will definitely find something that suits you best!